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Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting from Wi-Fi? 9 Easy Fixes

The excitement of getting a new laptop is unparalleled no matter if it’s expensive or affordable.

However, all this happiness could go into vain if your workstation keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi.

Some of the reasons might include corrupted Wi-Fi drivers, issues in the hardware, or your home network problems.

Anyways, we are here to fix “Why does my laptop keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi” using different troubleshooting methods.

Follow this guide and you might resolve this issue within few minutes.

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How to Fix Wi-Fi Disconnecting Issues in a Laptop in 9 Simple Steps?

Before we move forward, you must know which operating system your laptop uses.

Most of the models use Windows 10 these days so we’ll start with it. Mind you that same solving tips go for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

You can also check below laptops with good Wi-Fi connectivity:

Without any further ado, let us dive right into discussing solutions:

Fixing “Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi” for Windows 10 Operating System:

1. Check the Stability of your Local Wi-Fi Network:

First things first, you have to check the stability of your local Wi-Fi network.

The best way to check it is to connect it with your phone and see whether it gets disconnected from it or not.

If it keeps disconnecting with the phone as well, then you need to call your service provider about the connectivity issue.

If it doesn’t, then follow the next step:

2. Running the Network Troubleshoot:

Windows 10 comes with a built-in network troubleshooter, so you need to access it to find any issues with the “internet keeps disconnecting” problem.

Simply open the Settings from Start Menu. For that purpose, open “Update and Security” tab, and you’ll find the Troubleshooting tab over there.

Simply locate the Internet Connections option there and click on “Run Troubleshooter”.

Follow the guidelines given to you by the troubleshooter and see whether it could solve the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting problem or not.

If this solution doesn’t work, then no need to panic. We’ve got another method that would surely fix the network issues your laptop is facing.

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3. Restart Everything:

You have to unplug everything here.

That is, turn off your laptop. Right after that, unplug your router from main socket and leave these two accessories still for at least a minute.

Start the laptop again and plug back the router. Wait for internet to become stable and then connect it with the laptop.

Check your laptop for at least 5 minutes to see whether the wireless connection is working fine or not.

4. Configuring the Power Management of Laptop:

Sometimes, it happens that the workstation you use is utilizing the “Power Save” option. If that’s the case, then it will disconnect Wi-Fi on its own causing problems.

To avoid this issue, simply press Win+R and type ncpa.cpl and press the Enter button on keyboard.

Go to Wi-Fi Adapter and Right Click on it to head towards its properties. In properties section, click Configure and open the Power Management tab available on top right.

Here you’ll see a box named “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

If it’s checked, then uncheck it and save all the settings before closing the tab.

Connect Wi-Fi again and see whether it’s still causing any disconnectivity issues or not.

5. Resetting TCP/IP Configuration:

If the problem still persists, then you need to become a little bit of a Nerd. Don’t get worried as we’ll guide you on how to reset TCP/IP configuration.

For that, first of all, you need to open Command Prompt as an administrator.

Secondly, put the following commands in there and press on Enter:

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt

It will take some time and will reset the IP configuration to default. So, restart your laptop and connect to your local home network again to see whether it functions ideally or not.

6. Switching Network from Public to Private:

Not as ideal as all the solutions we’ve given above. However, you can try this out and check whether it works or not.

For that, you need to go to Settings and then to Network. Click Network Profile where you will find two options, i.e., Public and Private.

Click on Private and save the settings. Restart your laptop accordingly.

7. Updating the Wi-Fi Drivers:

Most of the time, the laptop you purchase doesn’t come with updated drivers. That could be one of the reasons your laptop keeps disconnecting from a wireless connection.

To avoid this, you need to update Wi-Fi adapter drivers.

First method is to go to Device Manager, click on Wi-Fi adapter option, and pressing the Update button. With Internet connection, it will easily download and update the drivers.

You can also try downloading Wi-Fi drivers online for your laptop. Search query should be like [Your Laptop’s full name and model Wi-Fi drivers for Windows (the current OS you use)].

You’ll find official laptop sites offering free driver downloads. So, install and run them accordingly.

One last method is to purchase a Universal Drivers DVD from a local computer store. It will cost you a little bit of money, but that’s the only way to resolve internet disconnecting problems if all the above-mentioned solutions don’t work out.

8. Using Google DNS:

Last but not the least, it’s possible that frequent disconnection can occur due to errors in DNS.

Many users have complained that the connection gets lost as soon as they use Google DNS.

So, to avoid this, follow the pattern:

Press Win+R button and type ncpa.cpl. Press Enter and go to Wi-Fi adapter’s properties accordingly.

Go to the Internet Protocol Version 4 tab and adjust the following settings for DNS:

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Save the settings and reconnect Wi-Fi for the changes to apply easily.

9. Hardware Issues:

If all the solutions we’ve mentioned don’t work and your wireless connection seems stable, then you need to look out for hardware issues in your laptop.

First things first, check whether your laptop can connect to an alternative network. If it still has same issue, then the Wi-Fi hardware in your laptop might be damaged.

Now, there are two ways to tackle this problem.

First one is to purchase, a separate Wi-Fi adapter with a USB connectivity port. Connect it to your laptop and enjoy flawless internet.

Second one is to check whether your laptop has Ethernet port or not. If it has one, then simply connect the internet through an Ethernet cable from router to your laptop. This method will limit the portability of your laptop though.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does my old laptop keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Old laptops usually have old drivers installed in them. First of all, update their drivers to latest version. Secondly, check out for hardware issues as in many cases the laptops have got damage due to certain circumstances. Follow the methods we’ve given above to solve the disconnecting problems accordingly.

2. Why does my laptop keep disconnecting from the Wi-Fi and unable to find any Wi-Fi?

It happens many times. The best solution is to restart the Network Connection on your laptop and find nearby Wi-Fi connections. Second one is to Troubleshoot for Network problems. If both fixes don’t work, simply update the Wi-Fi adapter’s drivers to latest version and see if it helps out or not.

3. Why does my phone and laptop keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

If the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting from your phone as well as your laptop, then there’s issue with your Internet router. Unplug it for a while and plug it back in. If the issue pertains, then simply call your Internet Service Provider and file a complaint against the services you are using. The service provider you use will solve this problem for you.

4. Why does my ASUS laptop keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Asus laptops often cause interruption when you use Wi-Fi on them. First of all, troubleshoot any network problems on an ASUS laptop and see whether it helps. Secondly, update Wi-Fi drivers and while doing so, make sure that you get the right drivers as per the model name you are using.

5. Why does my Lenovo laptop keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Lenovo also causes problems when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity in its laptops. For that purpose, updating the adapter’s drivers would be more than enough. You could also change the DNS settings and check whether it can help with the issue or not.

Final Takeaways:

The Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting issues in laptops is a common one. We’ve got many fixes for the issues, but the ones we’ve listed work out for almost any model or operating system you use.

Start with checking whether your internet connection is stable or not and then move on to next steps.

If it’s a new laptop and still causing connectivity problems, then simply claim a warranty and the manufacturer will repair its hardware free of cost.

With that, we hope you could solve the internet disconnecting problems of your laptop by following the steps we’ve mentioned above.

Good Luck!!


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