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What Kind Of Laptop Do I have? 3 Simple Ways Explained

In case you were wondering what kind of laptop do I have, what are its RAM and Hard drive specifications? Does it come with a good quality camera and whatnot?

Knowing the model of your laptop helps you discover these exact details about your laptop as well as some other information like the windows version, its battery capacity as well the BIOS.

However, sometimes depending on your laptop it can be a gruesome task to spot the laptop’s model number. This is mainly because the sticker on the bottom of your laptop might be faded. Now, you will have to use some alternatives if that is the case and I will share those alternatives with you today.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the most straightforward ways in which you can know everything about your laptop.

1. Check Out The Sticker On The Bottom Of Your Laptop

The simplest and probably the fastest way to find out what kind of laptop do I have is to flip your laptop and check the sticker present on the bottom side.

This sticker usually contains the serial number which is unique to each laptop as well as the model number. Once you have noted the model number, you can simply type it on google and it will open up the official website through which you can check all the details of your laptop.

However, chances are that if your laptop is a bit old the sticker might have faded by the time you are looking for it.

In this case, if thoughts like what kind of laptop battery do I have in my laptop? are running through your mind then you will have to use the other methods to find out more details.

2. Find Out Through Your Laptop’s Control Panel

Finding out what kind of dell laptop do I have requires us to navigate through the control panel settings. It is because oftentimes the laptop’s specific model is written on the bottom cover of the laptop on a sticker that might be faded.

However, navigating through the control panel is as easy as one two three.

On Windows 10,

Simply open the control panel by typing on the search bar present in the top left bottom of your screen.

Open you are in the control panel the next option which you have to click on is system and security.

Within system and security, you will find the system tab.

Once you click the System tab, the next windows will display a variety of specifications of your laptop.

Inside here, one can see what kind of ram do I have in my laptop and whatnot.

3. Know Your Laptop Specifications Via System Information

Often, there are some bugs in our windows system which makes it challenging to even look for simples things on our laptop.

If your laptop is also facing some windows malfunction issues and you are unable to find out about your laptop’s specifications. In this case, you will have to use the comprehensive method which is system information.

Here’s how it operates on the different windows versions.

For Windows 10,

  • In the search box type “system information“
  • Select the system information option from the popup.
  • A system summary will appear in front of your screen right away

In this system summary, you will be able to see details such as system model, system type, processor, windows version, and all relevant specifications which you need to know.

This is the most comprehensive method which paints a full picture of everything present on your laptop.

For Windows 7,

  • Press the start button and navigate to the search option.
  • In the search option, type “ system information”
  • From the results select, “ system information”

You will be able to know the model number and all the relevant descriptions of your laptop here.

For Windows 8,

  • Open search dialog box
  • Type “ms info”
  • Open the “ms info” option from the search result
  • Find your model number and all the other details with a single click.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I know what kind of laptop I have?

We have shared in detail, how you can find out what kind of dell laptop do I have. Just follow these simple methods and say goodbye to any confusion about the make and model which might be in your mind.

2. What model laptop do I have?

In windows 10,

  • Click on the file explorer tab present in the taskbar.
  • Drag your cursor on ”This Pc”
  • Right-click on “This Pc” and click on the properties option.
  • Clicking on properties will display the information related to your laptop’s make and model and your ram and processor specifications.

3. What if you still can’t find the model number?

There are three different ways in which you can find the model number in case you are having trouble spotting it.

  • Get in contact with the customer service of your laptop brand and they might be able to share the model number with you.
  • Go to your local laptop store where you can easily get the model number.
  • Lastly, you can also try finding out the model number through the brand’s official website or YouTube videos.

4. How do I identify my Hp laptop?

For Hp laptops, press the Function (Fn) and Escape (Esc) keys together. It will open up the Hp system information screen on your display. From here, you can identify your laptop’s model number and also see some other details about your ram, battery, system, and processor.


Sometimes we want to know the details about our laptop like what kind of hard drive do I have in my laptop. Moreover, a friend of ours might also be trying to buy the same laptop and for that, he would like you to share your laptop’s specifications and model number with him.

For all such scenarios, I have shared the simplest ways in which you can find out the details of your laptop within minutes.

So, feel free to try these straightforward methods and do share with us if they work on your laptop.

Good Luck!



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