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What is the Difference Between a Laptop and a Notebook?

Portable devices are a must for people working on the go. In fact, the consistent upgrades in the mobile computing market suffice all the requirements of consumers. That said, two of the basics in this regard are laptops and notebooks.

Now, in order to choose the better one for you, it’s important to pen down the differences between the two, first. So on that note, we have got all the essentials mentioned below for you to make the best pick.

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Not only that, but these essential buying tips will help you to understand the differences among ultra-book vs. notebook vs. netbook vs. tablet vs. laptop, and more!

So, without making any further delay, let’s check it out:

Notebook vs Laptop: Mark the Differences

For decades, people are shifting their choices from heavy-duty desktop PCs to portable laptops and notebooks. But, the problem arises, when you need to choose one among the two best portable devices.

Though it is difficult to mark any major difference between the two, still we bring you some of the key points that make a little difference between them. Let’s check them one by one:

Weight and Portability

As the purpose of inventing laptops and notebooks was to carry it along wherever you want, so portability marks to be the top-notch plus point of both laptops and notebooks.

Though there is not much difference between the two in terms of portability, yet you’ll find a little difference among their weight. Notebook is a little lighter in weight than usual laptops but this difference is extremely hard to notice.

So here the preference is pretty much up to you, whether you pick a notebook or a laptop. However, comparing the compactness of the devices, notebooks would get an edge over laptops.


The price ranges of both the devices mark to be one of the major differences. Laptops fall between the ranges from $150 to $2500. Whereas, notebooks cost you as least as $150, and as high as $400. Apart from that, different specs determine the price tags. Size and processing powers are two main factors that affect the price range of laptops and notebooks.

The size of the device is inversely proportional to the price. The more compact and sleek device is, the more it will cost you, whereas the processing power is directly proportional to the cost. The more you invest the more powerful processors you will find in your device. As simple as that!

Performance and Power

Apart from the title or brand, the power and performance of any computer depend upon its processing units and RAM. The more powerful processors and high valued RAM it contains, the more drastic performance you will enjoy.

Usually, all modern devices come with great processors that ensure noticeable performances. Even the low-priced computers have enough powerful processors that can run your tasks at a good speed.

However, as laptops cost you a little higher, the processors used in them are more powerful and advanced as compared to the notebooks that are comparatively low in price. Notebooks are designed to perform more personal tasks than to perform business tasks.

Other Features

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Apart from the above-mentioned points, several other features mark the difference between a laptop and netbook or ultra-book. One of them is the cooling system. Laptops tend to have a more advanced cooling system with functional fans that keep them cool for long hours whereas notebooks lack a proper cooling system as it does not need them due to their low processing powers.

Secondly, laptops have an optical drive or DVD drive options while on the other hand, notebooks or netbooks do not have DVD drive options. In addition to that, the hardware used in the laptops is stronger and long-lasting as compared to the hardware used in the notebooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any difference between a laptop and a Notebook?

Though laptops and notebooks are counted among the latest technological devices, yet some noticeable differences draw a line between the two. The price range of both devices is one of the major differences as laptops are a little expensive than notebooks.

In addition to that, the processors used in laptops are more powerful than notebooks. Apart from that, in terms of weight and portability, notebooks set the bar high for laptops as they are more sleek and easy to carry as compared to laptops.

2. What is better a laptop or a notebook?

Though there are remarkable differences between laptop and ultra-book or notebook, still it is hard to decide which one is better among them. However, you can choose among the two depending upon your requirement and usage.

If you want a device for your office work and to perform heavy processing tasks then the laptop is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you want a device for your personal use or smaller tasks, then a notebook can serve you the best,

3. Are a laptop and notebook the same thing?

There is no major difference between the laptop and notebook as both mark to be enlisted among the latest introduced technologies. However, on a deeper level, we find some major points that draw line between the two inventions – from which a few have been mentioned above.

4. Which laptop is good for Microsoft Office?

Although you can run Microsoft on all the laptops, yet there is a list of some top-notch brands of laptops that are extremely good for Microsoft office. These top-ranked laptops include HP Spectre x360, Apple MacBook Pro, ASUS ZenBook 15,  and Dell G3 15 3579. Apart from these laptops, you can also use other laptops to run Microsoft office.

Some Final Words

For a regular user, it is extremely hard to mark differences between the laptop and notebook. As a result, you find it difficult to choose the best one for your needs.

On that note, all the basic points mentioned above would help you figure out which one is better for you. So you must check them thoroughly and make your decision accordingly.

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