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How to Connect Switch to Laptop in 6 Easy Steps?

Turning your laptop screen into a monitor for gaming is quite common. But have you ever tried your hand at connecting the Switch to your laptop, to use it as a wide display for Nintendo games?

For the regular Nintendo players, it is quite common to have such questions in mind as to how to connect Switch to a laptop, so that Nintendo Games can be played on the go. This makes gaming a lot more fun.

In fact, you get to have an alternative to TVs and monitors, which are usually used as display screens for Nintendo consoles. In addition to that, by connecting Switch to your laptop, you can play your favorite games while you are traveling.

On the whole, this makes your gaming experiences a lot easier and more fun. So on that note, we’ll get down to the detail of how to connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Switch to Laptop

So here we’ll be discussing the method to connect a Nintendo switch to your laptop. By following this guide, you’d be able to play games like Animal Crossings, and Super Smash Bros.

On that note, let’s get down to it:


Grab all the necessary equipment!

The first thing that you have to make sure of is that you have all the three major pieces of equipment checked in your list. These include an HDMI-In, a Game Capture Card, and the Nintendo Dock.

The Nintendo dock is readily available to Nintendo users, as it comes within the package. Besides, the Game Capture Card and HDMI-in can be purchased. However, you’ll have to spend some extra bucks to get these things on the table.


Unplug the Switch from your TV or monitor, and get it plugged into the Nintendo Dock. In order to do that, you simply have to locate the Type-C connector of the Switch and get the two connected.


Now, you have to connect the Nintendo Dock to the Capture Card. This can be done by using the HDMI cable. Here you need to make sure that you plug the Nintendo Dock in the HDMI Input port of the Capture Card. Otherwise, the process would be reversed.


Next, open the Game Capture Software on your laptop. Then turn the Nintendo Switch on by pressing the Home button. It will be functioning while being docked.


After that, grab the USB cable and use it for connecting the Nintendo Dock with your laptop. All you have to do here is to link the Game capture Card with the UCB cable and then plug its other end in the laptop’s port.

And it’s done! Now all you gotta do is to wrap up this process by giving some final clicks.


Here, you’ll see the Nintendo gaming window visible on your laptop screen after connecting the console with it. All you are left with doing is setting the screen preferences as per your convenience, and enjoying the best of your games on the go.

So that was all about how to connect Nintendo switch to a laptop. I’m sure you did get the basic idea of connecting the switch to your laptop because it is quite simple.

Now that we have discussed the major aspect of connecting the Nintendo switch with your laptop using HDMI, here comes the question that what is the alternative to that? So in that regard, here’s the deal:

Play the PC-versions of Nintendo Switch Games:

Yes, you read that right! If you are running low on budget and do not want to spend money on the HDMI and Capture Card, then you have the option of playing the PC version of Nintendo games.

However, the backdrop of this aspect is that you won’t get to play the top-tier Nintendo games like Pokémon, Animal Crossing, etc. But you can have some of the games downloaded to your PC or laptop from the Microsoft Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my switch to my monitor?

Yes, you can definitely connect your Nintendo Switch to your monitor and even to your TV. Nintendo is famous for its compatibility and it perfectly gets connected with the monitors via HDMI cable and Nintendo Dock.

How to connect Nintendo switch to laptop screen?

The simplest way of connecting a Nintendo switch to laptop screen is by using the Nintendo Dock, and HDMI cable, and a Game Capture Card. By connecting the Capture Card to the Dock via HDMI, it becomes easier to use the laptop screen for Nintendo.

How to connect the switch to TVs?

Firstly, connect the USB cable with the AC adapter of the Nintendo Switch Dock, and its other end in the external power outlet. Secondly, plug the HDMI cable in one end of the Dock and pin the other end in your TV; and you’re all set!

Does the switch have Bluetooth?

Yes, Nintendo Switch has built-in Bluetooth functionality. It allows wireless communication between Base Console and Controllers. However, the feature of wireless headphones isn’t available right now except with the interference of Third-party accessories.

Why is the switch dock not working?

One of the major reasons why your Switch Dock isn’t working properly is that you might have plugged the cables in the wrong manner. The HDMI Output port is to be plugged in the Nintendo Dock. Plus, it could be that you might have been using the wrong cables.


Here we conclude the methods of how to connect the switch to laptop. Now that you have all the knowledge to get your Nintendo Switch connected to your laptop, then what is the wait for? Go get it done as soon as possible and enjoy the perfect gaming experience.


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