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How to Connect Beats to Laptop? A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a music lover, you must know the worth of good sound quality. And to get a better sound quality, it is well-likely to use headphones; and wireless Beats mark to be the most preferred headphones in this regard.

Having said that, you know quite well how to connect your Beats headphones to your mobiles using different sources. But, what to do when you want to connect Beats wireless to a laptop?

That’s where this guide comes in handy! We have included all the essentials regarding how to connect Beats to laptop. That aside, it comprises some simple steps to connect your Beats wireless to your windows laptop.

So, that being said, let’s get down to it without wasting any time:

How to Connect Beats Headphones to Laptop?

Before you go on with the actual process, you need to make sure that you know the location of the power button on your earbuds. So, if you don’t know the location, then check out the manual or other description that comes with it to get the information.

Next off, you need to turn the power on by pressing the power button for approximately 5 seconds. A blinking light will indicate that your earbuds are turned on.


With that being done, let’s move on with the steps that define how to connect Beats to your laptop. So, without wasting any time, let’s check them out:

That’s How to Connect Beats Wireless Earbuds to Laptop

If you want to connect your Beats to your laptop, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Settings

Firstly, select the windows icon on the desktop and hit the click button on the All Settings option.

2. Search for Bluetooth Setting

When you open the windows settings, you’ll see a search bar. Type Bluetooth in the search bar and select Bluetooth and other Device Settings in the dropdown menu.

3. Turn the Bluetooth On

As soon as you hit on the Bluetooth and other Device options, another window would pop up. Select Add Bluetooth or Other Device from the menu. Also, turn the Bluetooth toggle on.

4. Click on Bluetooth

After that, another menu will appear. Click on the Bluetooth option in that menu.

5. Select Beats Wireless

When you turn the Bluetooth on, all the nearby devices will appear in the bar. From that menu, select the Beats wireless option. As soon as you are done with the process, you will receive a confirmation notification on your screen.

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What if Windows can’t Find Beats?

At times, it happens that your laptop can’t find Beats due to some unknown reason and you get annoyed. This is not a problem anymore as we bring you some of the easiest methods to get the solution.

On that note, let’s get down to them:

1. Turn the Bluetooth off on other Devices

As soon as you turn the power button on of your wireless Beats, disconnect all the other devices that were previously connected to your laptop. When you are done disconnecting all the other devices, repeat all the above-mentioned steps to connect Beats with the laptop.

2. Hold the Power Button for Longer Time

To avoid trouble while connecting your Beats with your laptop, it is recommended to hold the power button for a little longer. With this, your Beats earbuds will easily connect to your laptop without any hassle.

3. Enable the Bluetooth Driver

At times, you are unable to connect your Beats headphones to your laptop because of the disabled Bluetooth driver. To solve this problem, just go to the device manager and enable the Bluetooth driver to connect your earphone to the laptop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to connect Beats Bluetooth speakers to the laptop?

You can connect Beats Bluetooth speakers to your laptop by selecting the Bluetooth and other devices option in the All Settings menu. Next, mark the Bluetooth toggle on and search for the Beats wireless in the list of other devices.

2. How to connect Beats earbuds to the laptop?

To connect Beats Bluetooth earbuds to a laptop, first, you need to select the Bluetooth and other devices option in the All Settings menu. Next, turn the Bluetooth toggle on and search for the Beats wireless in the list of other devices.

3. How to connect Beats solo pro to laptop?

If you want to connect solo pro to the laptop, first turn its power on. After that, go to the Bluetooth setting and enable it to connect with Beats solo pro.

4. How to connect Beats pill to a laptop?

To connect the Beats pill to the laptop, switch to the Bluetooth settings on your laptop. Next, turn the Bluetooth on and make it discoverable for nearby devices. Lastly, search for the Beats pills and connect them to the laptop.

Some Final Words

Connecting your laptop with the Beats wireless earbuds surely gives you an amazing sound experience. Now, you can easily connect Beats with your laptop with the help of the guidelines given above.

That being mentioned, you must check all the details given above to connect the Beats wireless studio headphones to get the best sound experience.


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