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How to Cast Zoom to TV from Laptop? Simple Steps Explained

Zoom meetings are becoming a new norm, especially with the ongoing pandemic situation.

No matter if it’s an organization, a business company, a university, or a school, it has become mandatory for people of all walks to attend virtual meetings via Zoom app.

However, one query that many laptop users ask these days is, “how to cast zoom to TV from laptop?”

The total process is quite easy, especially if you own a good laptop and an updated TV screen at your home.

We are here to guide you about this process within simple steps.

So, follow us if you want to connect a Zoom meeting to a TV via laptop conveniently.

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How to Connect Zoom to TV via Chromecast Method?

One of the easiest methods around that helps the app to get connected with a TV, projector, or any other screen is to use the Chromecast.

Things You’ll Need:

To apply this method, you’ll need:

A Laptop with Sufficient RAM and Space.

Google Chrome Browser.

TV or projector that you want to cast a meeting on.

Zoom App. (Both free and paid versions work)

Google Chromecast. (Official Google Dongle Device)

Steps to Follow:

1. Launch Your Zoom Meeting Normally:

Nothing new to do here. Just launch the Zoom Meeting on the app on your laptop and wait for everyone to join it.

2. Using the Cast Option on Google Chrome:

Right after everyone joins the meeting with their video cameras on, minimize the meeting tab and open a new window of Google Chrome Browser.

You’ll see three dots on top right corner of the browser. Click on it and choose “Cast” option.

3. Selecting Chromecast Device:

After clicking on Cast, you’ll find your Chromecast device in the “Sources”. After choosing the device, simply click on “Cast Desktop”.

4. Selecting Zoom Meeting Window:

A new pop-up window will open after you choose Cast Desktop option, showing the screen you want to cast.

You have to select the one on which the Zoom Meeting is already running and then click on “Share” button.

5. Enjoy Zoom Meeting on a Bigger Screen:

Right after clicking on Share button, the meeting will be mirrored to the TV automatically.

You can thus enjoy an immersive meeting experience on a bigger screen.

Side Notes:

Even though you’ll see meeting on a bigger screen, your laptop’s webcam is the only source you are visible to other participants.

Make sure that you keep it at the right angle where everyone can see you with ease and convenience. For good webcam laptops, you can check best laptop for zoom meetings.

How to Cast a Zoom Meeting to TV from a Mobile?

Well, if you want to cast a Zoom Meeting from mobile phone, then there’s no struggle doing that.

All you’ll need will be an extra app, i.e. Google Home, which will help to cast Zoom Meeting to a bigger screen.

After installing Google Home App, follow the steps as under:

  1. Simply Launch a Zoom Meeting as you normally do.
  2. When confirmed that the meeting is working flawlessly, then open the Google Home App and select the Chromecast device on which you want to cast the meeting.
  3. You’ll find “Cast my Screen” option just at the bottom of your device, so tap on it.
  4. Enjoy flawless Zoom Meeting on a TV while operating it from a Mobile Phone.

Side Note:

Don’t forget to enable the “Auto Rotate Option” on your mobile and convert it to Landscape mode. It will fill the entire TV screen horizontally.

How to Cast Windows 10 Zoom Meeting to a Roku Device?

People who want to mirror a Zoom Meeting from a Windows 10 laptop to a Roku TV cannot do it via Google Chromecast as the device isn’t supported by Chromecast.

However, an alternative method is there. Follow us:

  1. Go to Start Menu of the Window and in the Search box, type Devices and select Bluetooth and Other Devices. Click on Add Devices after a new window pops up.
  2. Select Wireless Display or Dock after clicking on Add Devices.
  3. After your Windows detect a Roku Device, then simply click it. Now your Roku TV is connected to the laptop and is working as another screen.
  4. Finally, Change Projection mode from your laptop and select Duplicate to allow Zoom Meeting to get mirrored on a Roku TV.

How to Chromecast Zoom Meeting from a Mac Laptop?

In case you own a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, you can cast a Zoom Meeting on compatible TVs and screens easily.

All you require is AirPlay that can cast a Zoom Meeting from your Macbook to a nearby Apple TV.

Follow the steps:

  1. Make sure that your Macbook and the TV you want to cast a zoom meeting to are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Secondly, click on AirPlay icon on your Mac and choose Apple TV.
  3. Enjoy attending a Zoom Meeting on a bigger screen from your Mac laptop.

You can also watch the video:

Final Takeaways:

Casting a Zoom Meeting to TV from a laptop is not as difficult as you might expect.

All you need to have is a modern TV screen, a Google Chromecast device (costs around 30 bucks), and a laptop with Windows 10 operating system.

In case you have a Mac laptop, then make sure that AirPlay is installed in it to mirror it on a large TV.


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