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What Is Device Pulse? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Device Pulse? Everything You Need To Know

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What is Device Pulse? You know, that mysterious new app on your device?

Maybe you just recently purchased a TracFone brand mobile device, or maybe you had just noticed that it had appeared on your phone one day and was wondering what it was all about.

The problem is, you have probably come across a lot of negative press when researching Device Pulse. There are a lot of questions surrounding the legitimacy of this instant messaging application’s true intentions.

Luckily, in this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the app. From how the application works, to the pros and cons of using it instead of the mainstream messaging apps, this article has it all.

Let’s get into it.

What Is Device Pulse?

Device Pulse is a piece of software developed by TracFone to aid you in brand recognition, troubleshooting your device through their chat function, and examining common device properties.

This application imports your contacts to a cloud database so you can use it as a default messaging app on your mobile device or desktop. 

Basically, any device this application is installed on can be utilized for instant messaging services.

Is Device Pulse Safe?

If you read a lot of forum posts or reviews about this app, then you will have picked up on the many claims about this instant messaging app using its cloud database as spyware.

This would mean the app is collecting user information and computer activity, then transmitting the data covertly from their hard drive. This information would then be sold to outside companies.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Device Pulse uses end-to-end encryption, meaning the information in your device, or in your messages, is completely safe. It also utilizes a cloud ID, preventing your sensitive information from being leaked through a hack

If you launch Device Pulse, you do have to give it access to monitor and collect information (such as other app purchases), but this is purely for tailoring ads.

What Are the Features of Device Pulse?

Device Pulse has a wide variety of features that can help you with understanding your device, optimizing it, and reporting anything wrong directly to TracFone. Below, we have an in-depth look at what this piece of software can provide.

Examining Device Hardware Properties

The most notable aspect that many users like to take advantage of is the examining and optimization of their mobile devices.

You can investigate the battery health of your phone and take steps to extend the battery life, as well as look at the available memory in your device’s RAM. But that isn’t all. There is a wide variety of hardware features this app can scan, helping you develop a better understanding of how to keep your electronics healthy.

Displaying Software Properties in One Place

IMEI number

Have you ever tried to gather your SIM Number, IMEI, and phone number, all at once?

It’s extremely difficult, as our mobile phones seem to enjoy making us work to locate these aspects of our device. 

With this application, you can find this information, as well as the details of the security patch your device is currently updated to, all on one easily accessible screen.


If you’re having issues with your device, such as the battery capacity being extremely low, or your phone not updating to the current software version, then you can use Device Pulse’s Auto-Reply Support in the Chatbot Portal.

This is useful in determining any problems with your device and optimizing them accordingly. The chatbot can even recommend fixes you can carry out on your end to improve the performance of your electronics.

Instant Messaging Service

using instant messaging app

An aspect of Device Pulse we touched on earlier is instant messaging.

With Device Pulse, you can replace your normal SMS service with Pulse SMS. The app will upload all of your contacts to a cloud, so you can message friends and family safely on any device you want.

This attractive feature is great for optimizing the storage on your phone, as you can now delete Whatsapp and any other messaging services. Your information is stored on an encrypted cloud database. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or even just a web browser on your laptop.

How It Works

The Device Pulse app should be pre-installed on all TracFone devices.

If this is not the case, then you will need to download it from the GooglePlay store.

Once you have done this, you will receive a notification asking you to grant the app permission to access various aspects of your phone. This includes your data storage, your SMS contacts, your camera, and even your location.

This allows the app to collect data and upload it to its database. This makes sure that your messages are end-to-end decrypted, while also tailoring ads to the data it collects. 

The most important reason for them requiring access to these aspects of your phone is to provide service that can be used on multiple devices. With your camera roll and messaging contacts in the cloud, you can now chat with people at work, at home, or even out in the garden.

Why Should I Use Device Pulse?

Device Pulse is a very controversial application. Some people swear by it, others hate it. 

Below we have compiled an unbiasedunbias pros and cons list so you can decide whether the app is for you.

Pros Of Device Pulse

  • Safe Messaging Service: The messaging end-to-end encryption keeps the service safe from data leaks. The interface is also simple and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Accessible On Many Devices: As you grant the app permission to upload your data to a cloud database, your contact information can be accessed on any of your devices. So, if your phone dies, you have another device to communicate on, making instant messaging that much more convenient.
  • Provides Internal Examinations Of Your Device: Device Pulse provides many benefits when it comes to understanding your phone. You can use it to monitor the hardware on your devices, such as RAM and battery life, and software aspects, such as information on patch updates.
  • Contact Support Troubleshoots Your Device: Anyone with this application on their device has access to a chatbot that can provide details and solutions on methods to optimize problems on your electronic device.

Cons Of Device Pulse

  • The App Cannot Be Deleted: Unfortunately, if your TracFone comes with this app already downloaded, then it cannot be deleted. This can be a major drawback to many, with revoking permissions being the only solution to partially getting rid of it.
  • Uses A Lot Of Storage: Many users of this application were unhappy with how much memory it actually uses, especially with updates. This tends to slow down phones and use up the battery much quicker. This was the main reason many people began to believe the app is spyware.
  • Random Notifications: Many have reported unnecessary and unavoidable notifications with this app. These notifications have been deemed repetitive and hard to prevent. Users have found that even if they block the notifications, they still just appear again.
  • Collects Data That Seems Unnecessary – The one thing some may find strange with this app is the breadth of data it collects. It makes sense to need information like your contacts or image gallery for the messaging aspect, but it also requires access to your geolocation and battery capacity. On a positive note, this is put in place in an effort to provide the user with a more tailored experience.


So, what is Device Pulse? Well, it’s an app that’s not as necessary as one may first think. 

While it does provide a messaging service with benefits that allow you to scan your device, troubleshoot the dilemma with a chatbot, and then optimize your electronics, it does take up a lot of storage and can provide the user with a less than adequate experience.

Even though the software is safe, there is a ton of stigma behind it. It can slow your phone down and it accesses a lot of information that seems unnecessary.

Reviews come in very negative on the app store, pointing at the annoying nature of the notifications with no way of being able to prevent them.

Unfortunately, despite the negative aspects, if the Device Pulse is already downloaded, there is no way to remove it.

Your best bet is to either take advantage of the end-to-end encrypted message service and device scan or try to revoke all permissions and forget about it.

So, what are your opinions on Device Pulse?

Let us know in the comments below.

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