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What Does Lux Mean on a Motion Sensor Light?

Motion sensor lights are a very handy item that allow you to make your house more safe and secure.

They illuminate dark areas in your yard and driveway so that you can see where you are walking at night, but they also light up when someone who is not meant to be in your yard walks beneath them. This gives you an added layer of security.

Once you have installed your motion sensor light in the desired position, there are a few things that you will need to do and a few terms you need to understand in order to set or operate the motion sensor light.

Before Using Your Motion Sensor Light the First Time

For Solar

Start by checking that the power switch located on the main part of the solar motion sensor light has been set to the off position. When it is set to the off position, the solar cell will allow the battery to charge without the unit being activated.

Leave the battery to charge with the switch in the off position for 72 hours and ensure that that the charging panel for the solar cell has been positioned in direct sunlight. The reason for doing this is so that the solar motion sensor light has received a full charge before normal operation and motion sensor adjustment.

For Electric

Ensure that the motion sensor has been positioned facing away from trees, shrubs, and the street. These things can result in the light being accidentally triggered.

Operating the Motion Sensor Light

Once your motion sensor light has been charged (if solar) and check for position, place the switch on the body of the sensor into the auto position. This position will trigger the light to turn on when someone or something moves in front of or beneath it.

Under the motion sensor you will find 3 different adjustment dials: TIME, SENS, and LUX. So what do these terms mean on a motion sensor light? Let’s take a look.

TIME – Time Period Adjustment

The time period adjustment control allows you to set the duration that your motion sensor light will stay illuminated when it is triggered by movement. Most motion sensor lights will allow you to set this time from 10 seconds to 1 minute. You can adjust the TIME setting to find an illumination time that suits your preferences.

Some motion sensor units will have numbers that allow you to see how long the light will stay on whereas others will have to be manually tested by setting the timer and activating the light and timing how long it stays on. You can then adjust the TIME setting until it is the desired period of time that you want it to stay on.

What Does Lux Mean on a Motion Sensor Light 3

SENS – Motion Sensor Adjustment

You can also change the sensitivity of your motion sensor using the motion sensor adjustment. The sensitivity is affected by the temperature. In cooler weather, the motion detector will be more sensitive as it picks up heat patterns more easily.

In warmer weather, the motion detector will be less sensitive as it can be harder to pick up a heat signature. You can use the SENS control to change the sensitivity of your motion detector to compensate for seasonal or environmental changes.

LUX – Light Level Adjustment

The light level adjustment controls the amount of natural light that starts operations and stops the motion sensor light from triggering when the sun is up. Your motion sensor light will come preset to activate when it detects dusk and to deactivate when it detects dawn. If you want to adjust the sensitivity of the light to only turn on when it is darker than dusk and turn off when it is only full sunlight in the day, this can be adjusted too.

Typically speaking, the motion detector won’t turn the device off when the ambient light increases higher than the LUX setting when the devices is on.


Motion sensor lights are one of the handiest lights to have for your home. You do not need to remember to turn them on at night and off in the morning, which means you will not waste electricity unnecessarily.

It also allows you to see where you are going if you are outside in the dark, and lets you see if someone is lurking in your yard when they shouldn’t be. Knowing what the settings on your motion sensor light do allows you to get the most out of the device. Knowing what LUX means on a motion sensor light lets you set your light to only turn on when it is dark.


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