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Tips On How To Hide A Camera In Plain Sight Inside And Outside Your Home

Tips On How To Hide A Camera In Plain Sight Inside And Outside Your Home

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In recent years we’ve all become a little more security conscious. Sales of security systems have increased. Although some people may prefer to hire a company to install such systems, many others like to install their own. 

The evolution of technology has helped to improve the capabilities of all items that make up a security system, including the cameras. 

If you are installing your security system, you want to place your hidden cameras where they cannot be seen. You are probably now asking yourself, “how do I go about hiding them?”

In this article, we will provide tips and advice to help you hide surveillance cameras in plain sight. 

Tips On How To Hide A Camera In Plain Sight

Hanging Storage with Small Hidden Camera on Wall in Room

The installation of battery operated wireless security cameras has dramatically increased over the last few years. They provide homes and businesses with a good level of protection. 

Although there are many benefits of installing hidden security cameras, deciding where to hide them can prove challenging.

People tend to place cameras in locations where they can be seen, hoping they will serve as a deterrent to anyone with nefarious intentions. 

Hiding the security cameras in plain sight will mean you can catch someone when they do something wrong without them even realizing it. This means that the chances of them being charged for their offense are greater. 

So, how do you go about hiding such equipment? Below are a few tips you may find helpful when it comes to placing hidden security cameras both inside and outside of your home. 

Tips To Hide Quality Cameras Outside Your Home

Small Camera Hidden in Green Houseplant Foliage, Closeup

Tip 1 – Place a decorative cover over the outdoor cameras

If you place a decorative cover over the camera, people will think it is just a new ornamental feature in your home. 

The great thing about this tip is that it helps to divert the potential intruder’s attention away from the camera itself. The camera can then record every move they make. 

Tip 2 – Mount It On A Tree Branch

Mounting the camera on a tree branch will allow the camera to have a good view of your home. The natural camouflage of the leaves will help to conceal the camera. 

If you are going to do this, make sure that the location in the tree allows the high-mounted cameras to have a view of doors or windows through which intruders might break in. 

Tip 3 – Install Your Camera Up High 

This tip is crucial since it will ensure that those who may wish to remove, destroy or steal such equipment are unable to do so. 

It should be noted that if you place it up high, you will need to ensure that it will still be able to monitor and record things happening at your home or business. 

Tip 4 – Put It In Some Kind Of Container

If you are placing your camera outside, then you should consider putting it inside some kind of a container. One great option is to put your camera inside a birdhouse. 

Not only is it hidden away in plain sight, but most intruders will not even consider that they are being monitored by such an innocent looking lawn fixture. 

Installing your security camera inside some kind of enclosure will help to protect it from the elements, expanding its potential lifespan. 

Tips To Hide Security Cameras Inside Your Home

Small Hidden Camera on White Nightstand in Bedroom

Tip 1 – Place It Behind Household Furnishings Or Decor

Hiding a security camera behind household furnishings or decor may be a simple idea, but it works well. When they enter your home, most intruders will look up at the ceiling or in the corners of rooms to see where security cameras are located. 

However, there are a few blind spots in your home where those looking for such equipment will not think to search. 

One of the best places to hide a security camera in your home is inside a pot containing an artificial plant. Choose the kind of fake plant with a lot of foliage since it will provide excellent cover for the camera. 

Tip 2 – Hide It In A Bookcase 

Most shelves in bookcases tend to be quite cluttered with various objects in addition to books. This is why placing a camera on a bookcase will prevent it from being seen. 

You may even want to consider taking an old book, removing the pages inside, and then placing the camera into it. Just make sure that you put a hole in the book’s spine to allow the camera lens to monitor what is happening in the room. 

Tip 3 – Hide It In A Wall Clock

With the right camera, it is possible to hide a security camera in a wall clock without anyone realizing it is there. The great thing about hiding a camera in a clock is that most people look at a clock subconsciously. This means that you will get a good image of any intruders in your home. 

Tip 4 – Hide It In Your Living Room 

The trick with hiding a security camera in your living room is to ensure that it blends in with the rest of its surroundings. 

The best location would be hiding it in a lamp or another light fitting. If you have a standing lamp, you may find you can position mini cameras inside it and then angle the lamp. Thai will allow the cameras to monitor the room from various angles. 

Tip 5 – Place In A Box

As we mentioned above, placing a camera inside a container or box is a good idea. Of course, putting it inside a bird box in your home would look a little strange.

Instead, when it comes to placing such devices inside your home, place them inside something along the lines of a tissue box, potted plant, or a stuffed animal. Putting a security camera inside a stuffed teddy bear is a great way to conceal a security camera in your child’s room. 

Just remember to put your camera somewhere no one will interfere with it.

Additional Advice For Hiding Cameras In Plain Sight 

You need to consider certain factors to ensure that you place your cameras in the correct place. We address some of those factors below. 

1. Location 

Before installing your camera, you need to decide what areas of your home you want the camera to monitor. 

Ideally, choose locations that provide the camera with clear, uninterrupted views. You may want to think about investing in smaller cameras that can be placed in more discreet areas within your home. 

2. Does It Require A Power Supply 

If the cameras you are installing need a power supply, you will have to place them so that they aren’t too far from the electric outlet. You will also need to make sure that you conceal the wiring. 

You can always choose a security camera that runs off of battery. If you choose to use a battery-powered security camera, you will need to check it regularly to ensure that the batteries are still providing power. 

3. Is There Good Connectivity?

If you are installing wireless security cameras in and outside your home, it is crucial that a strong WiFi signal can reach the location where they will be situated. 

If there isn’t a strong WiFi signal, the camera will not be able to provide the level of monitoring you need to protect your home. 

Is It Legal To Hide A Camera?

When you want to install hidden cameras inside or outside your home, you are free to do so.

It should be noted that there are areas of your home where certain placement is illegal. The main one of these is in a bathroom. This is because people expect a reasonable expectation of privacy when using the restroom. 

Understanding the details relating to privacy laws is crucial. 

Let’s Wrap Things Up 

When deciding where to place security cameras in your home, you must make sure that you will not obstruct the lens on it. 

Unfortunately, many people are often so obsessed with finding the perfect location for a hidden camera that they also end up covering up the lens. 

Before installing the camera, you must carry out a few checks. 

Begin by making sure that the camera cannot be seen. Make sure that although the camera is hidden, the lens still has a clear line of sight to the area the camera is monitoring. 

Before you fix the camera into position, carry out a few checks to ensure that the camera has a good view. Then perform a quick test to ensure the camera is recording correctly. 

Only after following those steps should you fix the camera into your chosen position. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful if you are looking to install cameras in plain sight inside or outside your home. 

Let us know how the installation process goes for you by leaving a comment below.

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