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How to Tell If a Smoke Detector is a Hidden Camera: 7 Key Techniques

How to Tell If a Smoke Detector is a Hidden Camera: 7 Key Techniques

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Cameras are useful in homes and places of business. People rely on them for basic security needs, monitoring, and spying. Cameras in business areas are handy in tracking operations and preventing the mishandling of products or their loss. At home, people install cameras to monitor their households by watching their children, babysitters, and others in the families.

Cameras come in different forms, and one of the common forms is smoke detectors. It is not uncommon to find smoke detector cameras in both homes and business places. 

Do you have smoke alarms in your rental apartment, hotel room, or place of business, and have you wondered if they are more than just smoke detectors? Stick around for tips on how to tell if a smoke detector is a hidden camera. You can click here for more information on hidden cameras.

Reasons to Look For Hidden Cameras

Most people don’t like to be watched and keep an eye out for hidden cameras to avoid invasion of privacy and ensure they are comfortable. Staying in a space with surveillance may expose a person to privacy breaches which can worsen if the data is leaked. 

Also, checking for hidden cameras can help people access safe environments to stay by having the camera removed or moving to other surveillance-free spaces.

Location of the Smoke Detector

Generally, smoke detectors are mounted on ceilings or walls, with the latter being the most common place to mount the device. Wall-mounted devices are better suited to housing a camera than ceiling-mounted devices. The location of a smoke detector with a hidden camera plays a vital role in surveilling spaces effectively.

A camera placed on a wall does a better job of recording footage from various angles compared to those on ceilings. If the smoke detector is mounted on a wall, be wary and take a closer look with these tips on how to tell if a smoke detector is a hidden camera.

Check for a Lens

Camera lens

Cameras generally require a lens that will record footage within the room. Regular alarm devices do not have lenses and only have green and red flashes. If the suspicious device in the room flashes from time to time, that could mean you are being recorded.

Smoke detectors housing hidden cameras will be placed strategically in places that allow the lens to cover the whole room. The lens may be tiny for efficient hiding, but you can still find them using bright lights. The bright light will expose the lens by making it look like a tiny black speckle.

Check for Power Source

Smoke detectors are commonly mounted on walls or ceilings. After identifying the location of the smoke detector, check if it is battery-powered or hardwired. Most smoke detectors are powered by batteries because they use minimal energy to run. Battery-operated devices are less likely to have spy cameras since cameras run nonstop and thus would use more energy.

Hardwired smoke alarms are connected to the primary power outlets and are more likely to have hidden cameras. The power will ensure that the cameras run continuously and record footage. You may want to examine such smoke detectors further to ensure your privacy will not be breached.

Using Mobile Phone Applications

Hidden spy cameras are often connected to the wi-fi connection in the building. Even battery-powered devices have wi-fi features. As soon as you are in the building, connect to the wi-fi and scan for devices that resemble cameras on the wi-fi network.

You will need a mobile application to access network data and identify all connected devices. An example of a spy camera detector app is Hidden Camera Detector, which is easy to download, install, and use. However, this will only give you evidence of the presence of a hidden security camera, and you will still need to identify its location using other techniques.

Using Mobile Camera

Home Camera Cctv Monitoring System Alarm Smart House Video

Most security cameras use infrared for night vision, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Suppose the wi-fi is inaccessible to you, and you cannot use the mobile application to access network data. In that case, you can still use your mobile camera to track night vision cameras on hidden devices.

Most smartphones have infrared cameras, and you can check your phone’s viability using a TV remote. Press any button while simultaneously pointing it at your camera. If your phone can sense infrared lights, you will see the light on the screen.

Switch off the lights in the room, and scan the smoke detector through your mobile camera. If you see a white or purple light on your screen, the device is a smoke detector camera.

Using Any Phone

Suppose you do not have a smartphone and thus don’t have the option to use an application or smartphone camera, or you are too lazy to go through the process, there is another way your cell phone could help. The first step is to locate the smoke alarm.

Call anyone while standing near the smoke detector or pacing around it. If there is a hidden camera inside the smoke detector, your phone call signal will be messy due to radio frequency, causing signal interference from the surveillance. 

Using Anti-Spy Detector

Using anti-spy detectors is another efficient way of avoiding being watched through cameras in smoke detectors. The device can be purchased in stores or online and may be your best bet, especially if you are traveling or moving households. You can always use them to look for hidden cameras in new apartments, rented apartments, hotels, and other spaces.

The anti-spy detector perceives unusual radio frequency signals emitted by hidden surveillance cameras. If you pick a signal from your smoke detector, it means it is bugged, and a hidden camera is embedded. Anti-spy detectors can also be used to detect GPS trackers.


Surveillance cameras may be helpful security devices but tend to invade users’ privacy when mounted in bathrooms and hotel rooms. If you like to stay in surveillance-free zones, we hope this article on how to tell if a smoke detector is a hidden camera has been resourceful.

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