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How to Secure Double Doors to Reduce the Risk of Your Home Getting Broken Into

How to Secure Double Doors to Reduce the Risk of Your Home Getting Broken Into

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There are many ways potential intruders can access your home. One area that is particularly vulnerable is the double (French) doors that often provide access to your garden. 

Double doors are often a target for burglars because where the two doors meet is very weak. Oftentimes we forget to lock these doors properly. Sometimes they even come fitted with locks that aren’t fit for use, allowing a potential intruder to open them easily. 

While that can seem alarming, there are things you can do to prevent intruders from gaining access to your home through a set of French doors. 

Below we look at how to secure double doors to help to reduce the risk of your home being broken into. 

Ways To Secure Double Doors To Your Home 

1. Get Some Screws

This is the simplest and cheapest way to ensure that your double doors are secure.

It is important to note that this method will not help with any other security flaws such as glass doors. It will help to prevent someone from being able to access your home through French doors without being detected, though. 

All you need to prevent unwanted access is one screw. Often the passive side of a door isn’t used. Most homeowners tend not to unlock the second side of double doors unless they need to move something large in or out of their house. 

Keeping this in mind, take some screws and screw them in flush with the bolt on the door. This will prevent the bolts from sliding back so you can open the door. Only when the screws are removed can the bolt then be slid back. 

This simple, cheap, DIY improvement to a set of French doors will help prevent someone from breaking into your home. 

2. Cover Glass In Doors With Security Window Film

man installing window film

Security film for windows has developed over the years. It is now very easy even for novice DIYers to install. 

The main reason for installing such film over the windows in French doors is that it helps to prevent glass panels from being broken easily. In turn, it helps to prevent a potential burglar from gaining access to the door lock. 

Such film can even be placed over hurricane-rated glass and tends to be a few millimeters thick. It also tends to be clear, so natural light can still shine through.  

Once applied, the film adheres to the glass and will hold it together should someone attempt to break it. Even if an entire pane of glass does break, the film will hold it in place. 

3. Install High-Security Locks To The French Doors

man installing security lock on french doors

If you want to ensure that your doors are secure, installing high-security door locks is crucial. 

You should look to install commercial-grade locks. The double-side deadbolt variety is best. This locking mechanism should be placed on the active door side. 

If you prefer, you could instead install a double-cylinder deadbolt lock on the active side of your French doors. 

Finally, you may want to consider the installation of one-sided half-deadbolt locks that you place at the top and bottom of the two glass doors. 

4. Install Hinge Bolts 

It is worth considering replacing the hinges on double doors. This is especially important if the doors you have on your home have been in place for some time. 

Over the years, these hinges can become weakened through exposure to the elements. They are likely to become rusted or corroded. Not only do they look horrible, but these issues can reduce the strength of the hinges. 

The kind of hinges you should choose to replace the current ones should be strong and measure at least 3 inches in length.

Make sure that the hinges you choose can be secured using a hinge bolt. These include a screw that is driven into the hinge to prevent the door from being lifted off of it. 

Without this type of hinge, any potential intruder is able to raise the door off the hinge. They can then angle the door in such a way that will provide them with enough space to get into your home. 

5. Consider Fitting Security Bars 

Fitting security bars along with other safety and security devices can go a long way to help make your French doors even more secure.

You can arrange for the latches that allow you to open the security bars to subtly be attached to the inside of the doors.

Some security bars attach directly to the doors, while others are attached to the door frame. 

You will need to hire a professional to install this type of added security. 

6. Install Some Double Screen Doors 

Sliding Screen Doors

Double screen doors are a good idea if your yard is secluded. 

These will be installed on the outer side of the doors like the security bars. These come with a set of solid metal bars that provide an additional layer of security. You will find that these screens are often lined to prevent potential intruders from being able to see into your home. 

The great thing about screened double screen doors is that if your doors open inwards or slide, the screen can remain in place. This will allow fresh air from outside to come in. Plus, you can still enjoy an unimpeded view of your garden. 

It is advised that you hire a professional security company to install double screen doors in your home. 

7. Other Simple Security Measures 

Another simple way to secure double doors is with a wooden or metal bar. These durable materials can slide into position (usually at the base of the door) and will prevent any would-be intruders from trying to pull open or push the door in. 

However, if the doors open inwards, you may want to consider using door jammer bars. If you choose to go that route, you will need two of these to place one under each door’s handle.

Along with these two methods, another way to secure French doors is to fit a handle lock. 

With this device, you simply slip it over each of the door handles. Once placed over the handles, it keeps them securely together. 

Another benefit of using this type of a device is that it provides additional structural support in the middle of the door. You will find that they prevent the handles from being turned. 

The great thing about the above methods is that you should be able to install these yourself. This is a more affordable way of beefing up the security of any double doors in your home. 

8. Consider Installing A Security System And Cameras

It is worth considering installing a security system with cameras in your house. You can even do it yourself. 

You need to ensure that the camera you install is in a position with a direct line of sight on the doors. That will allow you to quickly see if anyone is attempting to break into your home. 

Even if you place your camera just above the doors, it is better than not having one. Ideally, choose cameras that come with an app that will notify you if it senses unexpected movement. 

Choose cameras that record any activity and allow you to access a live feed of what the camera is seeing. 

Of course, if you want, you can arrange for a professional security company to come and install such equipment. Many of these professional services offer services such as 24/7 monitoring

The great thing about installing such devices is that it acts as a good deterrent. When potential intruders are made aware that you have cameras and a security system installed, they are less likely to want to attempt to gain access to your home. 


In this article, we looked at just a few of the ways to help make double doors in your home more secure. Once you have installed appropriate security measures, it will reduce the risk of any potential intruder from being able to break into your home. 

Do you think the methods we have talked about above will prove helpful to you in order to improve the security of such doors? Let us know your thoughts on this article by leaving a comment below. 

Feel free to share any tips we missed on securing double doors to reduce the risk of burglars gaining access to your home. 

Don’t be afraid to share with others how helpful these improvements to double doors on your home have been.

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