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How To Hide Security Camera Outside In Plain Sight

How To Hide Security Camera Outside In Plain Sight

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Placing security cameras in locations outside your house that can be seen will help to deter potential intruders from trying to gain access. 

As soon as an intruder sees your security cameras, it is likely that they will decide to try another residence. 

On the other hand, burglars may not be put off by such security devices and will instead try to damage, tamper with, or steal them. In this case, they may ultimately break into your home regardless. 

If you want to avoid such a situation, you need to look at how to hide outdoor security cameras in plain sight so that criminals don’t know that they are there. 

As each home comes with a different layout, certain areas of your home are more important than others. So you will find that setting up a security system that is right for your home can prove challenging. 

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to find the perfect placement for your home’s security cameras. 

How To Hide Security Cameras Outside

how to hide security camera outside

Below are some ways of how to hide a security camera outside your home.

Method 1 – Hide Outdoor Cameras In A Bush Or A Potted Plant

If you have any large bushes outside your house, you can easily hide a camera there. With all that foliage, the chances of an intruder being able to see the camera is very remote. 

It is crucial that you select the right kind of plant to hide the camera in. Make sure that the bush you choose is one that doesn’t lose its foliage in the autumn or winter. 

If the plant you choose does lose its leaves, the risk of the camera being exposed is increased. You could even buy a bush that you place in a large pot on the porch outside your front door. 

Method 2 – Hide Outdoor Security Cameras Inside of a Birdhouse

hidden camera in birdhouse

This is one the best places for hiding a security camera outside. The great thing is it allows you to place the camera high up either in a tree or on a pole. This will then provide the camera with a much wider range of visibility. 

You can also consider hiding it in a bird feeder. 

After placing the camera inside the birdhouse, ensure that the lens is facing out through the small hole that birds use to gain access, so it has a good field of vision. 

Once the camera is in place, install the birdhouse in your chosen location like you typically would. 

You must give the birdhouse and camera an excellent clean every so often. Some birds may find themselves attracted to it and try to build a nest inside. If they do, your modern security cameras will no longer be able to monitor what is happening around your home. 

Method 3 – Place It Under The Eaves Of Your Home

Placing a security camera under the eaves of your home is the perfect way to hide a camera outside.

Under the eaves, your camera will be protected from the elements.Additionally, any potential burglar will find it hard to see where the camera is when standing directly under it. 

When installing a security camera in such a location, it is best to carry out the work during the middle of the day during the work week. This will allow you to install the camera with fewer people noticing what you are doing. 

Also, this is the ideal solution if the security cameras you are installing have to be wired into the mains electrical supply of your home. 

Method 4 – Place Inside A Fake Rock

For some property owners, using a fake rock is a great way to hide a security camera outside your home. They come in various sizes, meaning you should be able to find the perfect one to place with your outdoor security camera. 

To ensure that you don’t bring attention to hidden cameras, it is best to put it in with other rocks you already have in your garden. If you haven’t already, this is a good time to buy some natural stones and use them to make a small rock garden. 

You could also put the fake rock and some other rocks into a bowl that you place near your front door as a decorative item as the perfect hiding spot. 

Method 5 – Hide It In A Tree 

A tree is another excellent place when it comes to wanting to hide a security camera outside. 

It is best to install a camera in a tree during the summer, spring, or autumn months. At these times of the year, the foliage on the trees will still be growing. The foliage can provide great camouflage. 

A tree is also a great place to hide wireless security cameras since you can place them high, where they are less likely to be noticed. When security cameras are installed high in a tree, they can also monitor a much larger area and capture a lot more movement. 

When installing the security camera, ensure that the branch on which you place it is strong. It needs to be able to carry the weight of the camera. If it cannot, the branch will eventually break, and the camera will fall out of the tree.

When deciding which tree to put your camera in, it is best to choose evergreen trees or other varieties that don’t lose their leaves seasonally. This means that you will be able to leave the camera installed throughout the course of the entire year. 

If you intend to leave your security camera in the tree year-round, be sure to provide some kind of protection against the elements. 

Method 6 – Hide The Security Camera Inside A Large Garden Decoration

Do you have a statue or a fountain in your garden that sits right in the pride of place? If you do, then consider finding a location within it where you can then place a security camera. 

Just make sure that the location you choose is one that leaves the lens of the camera unobstructed. You may also need to consider adding some kind of camouflage covering so that the camera cannot be seen. It is best if the camera matches the rest of the decoration where it is hidden. 

Method 7 – Get Yourself a Gnome

hidden security camera inside gromes eyes

A garden gnome is another option to consider if you are looking to place a security camera outside.

Gnomes are such cheerful decorations for the garden that look completely innocent. Many people wouldn’t ever suspect that there might be a camera hidden inside of one.

You will need to buy a large gnome that has plenty of space inside to accommodate the camera. 

Rather than buying a gnome made from porcelain, get one made of plastic. This way when you need to cut it in half to install the camera, it won’t break. 

After cutting the gnome in half, you will need to drill a hole in a location where the lens of the camera has access to monitor its surroundings. Place the camera inside and then tape it in position. Once the camera is in place, glue the gnome back together. 

To help disguise the fact that there is a camera inside the gnome, place it with other outdoor decorations you have close to your home. 

Method 8 – Hide The Security Camera Inside Of An Exterior Lamp Fixture 

Is there a light mounted outside your front or back door? If there is, you might consider installing a camera inside this. It should be noted that it is best if you place your security camera inside a light that you don’t use often. 

Installation of a camera inside is straightforward. Simply open the light as you would when replacing the bulb, then place the camera inside. 

Try to choose a light outside your home that is located up high. Doing this will ensure that the camera can view a much larger area of your home outside. 

Also, ensure that you place it inside a light fitting that isn’t in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause the camera to overheat, and a glare may obstruct the view of the lens when the sun shines directly on it. 

Let’s Wrap Things Up 

Even if you have succeeded in hiding a security camera outside your home, some professional burglars will spend time surveilling your home and may find it. 

It should be noted that if you are using wireless cameras to provide security to your home, it is best if they can connect to your mobile device. Some apps will allow you to save recordings of motions captured by your security camera.

We hope that the information we’ve provided above will prove helpful when choosing locations to hide a security camera outside your home. 

Just remember to take your time and place your camera wisely. 

Let us know your thoughts on our article by leaving a comment below. You can even tell us how hiding a security camera outside your home goes for you.

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