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How to Block Neighbors Security Camera: 8 Practical Methods

How to Block Neighbors Security Camera: 8 Practical Methods

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Neighbors can cause multiple problems, like dogs barking constantly, cats sneaking into your backyard, or even toddlers screaming all night. In this article, we are going to focus on that nosy neighbor by giving you a few tips on how to block neighbors security camera. Cameras are great for security but can be an invasion of privacy.

Cameras are very common in the contemporary world for safety purposes. If you suspect that your neighbor is watching you, you definitely have to act to protect yourself and your property. You can check our page for more security tips and useful insights.

Is it Legal for Your Neighbor to Point a Security Camera at Your Property?


As absurd and invasive as it sounds, it is legal to point security cameras at your neighbor’s property and vice versa as long as one has a sufficient explanation. You can go through legal procedures to have your neighbor explain how they use the camera and the purpose of the footage.

The legal procedure is tedious and may drain you while causing more problems with your neighbor, but don’t fret. There are plenty of ways around it.

Check the Security Cameras Authenticity

The first step in how to block a neighbor’s security camera is to check for authenticity. Sometimes people install fake security cameras to scare away criminals – thus, you should rule out the possibility of a fake camera to save yourself some trouble. It would still be prudent to check the camera since it is common for the camera to be off or out of service.

The characteristics of a dummy camera you should look for include the absence of short cables and an infrared light indicator. Cameras that are switched off or broken will also lack the infrared light indicator. Also, fake cameras tend to lack proper brand names.

Talk about the Security Camera with Your Neighbor

Well, they say communication is key and as far as privacy and security cameras are concerned, talking to your neighbor is the most straightforward way to get to a common ground. Dive into your privacy concerns and the security camera blind spots to find out if your house is within them. If not, you can ask them to reposition and refocus the camera with respect to your privacy.

Also, your neighbor may be a reasonable person who is not aware that their camera is pointed at your property. Therefore, having a conversation can save you a lot of time and effort.

Install Your Own Security Cameras

Technician installing CCTV camera for security service.

As mentioned before, installing and pointing security cameras at your neighbor’s property is legal. If talking to your neighbor doesn’t solve anything, legally installing security cameras on your property is your next solution. Your security camera will disrupt your neighbor’s security cameras and also show them how it feels to be constantly watched.

Be sure to install high-quality infrared security cameras. Your powerful camera will also enable you to watch whenever your annoying neighbor is trying to cause an issue.

Talk to Mediators

Sometimes talking to your unreasonable neighbor about their security camera and your privacy may not solve anything. Worst case scenario, the conversation may escalate issues, and if your neighbor is intentionally stalking or spying on you, they will not be willing to let go. Your next hope is to seek mediators’ help to de-escalate and resolve the issues.

The community mediators may help you and your neighbor reach a common ground. The purpose of a mediator is generally to resolve problems facing the community amicably. You can protect your privacy while your neighbor stays safe without being on each other’s bad sides.

Seek Legal Help

Assuming mediation doesn’t work, you can involve your legal counsel and law enforcement. Installing a security camera and pointing it at your neighbor’s property may be legal, but there are exceptions regarding what the neighbor does with the footage. Spying on someone is considered a criminal offense.

However, you must have substantial proof that your neighbor is watching you for the police to get involved in solving the problem. Also, if you intend to sue your neighbor, you will need the evidence to prove your case and obtain a court order to suspend or completely reposition the spy cameras.

Use Physical objects

Using physical objects to create an obstructive perimeter wall around your property will help block your neighbor from watching. The trick will help keep your affairs private while you negotiate with your neighbor in or out of court. 

Grown trees, privacy fences, or physical objects around your property is also the most harmless form of solving this issue without involving your neighbor or anyone else.

You can also use other objects like huge trampolines and decorations to obstruct the view physically. Your neighbor will only view the tree canopies and the edges of your physical objects instead of invading your private space.

Work on Your Windows

window tinting

If you are concerned about being watched while lounging in your living room or bedroom, you need to work on your windows. Tint your windows to obstruct your neighbor from watching you, or switch to thick curtains and ensure they are always drawn at night when your lights are turned on.

However, if you must open your blinds and curtains during the day. Tinted glass windows will come in handy, or you can avoid using lights altogether when your windows are bare. You can find an affordable film on the market for your window tinting needs.

Using Powerful Light

Some people don’t like curtains or blinds – if you are one of them, using lights to blind the security camera is another viable option. The lights will do the job without damaging the camera and causing legal woes with your neighbor.

Be sure to focus the light towards the camera lens, which should do the trick for you, especially at night. However, the trick only works during the night time, and you would still have to use a different trick to protect your privacy during the day.

Things to Avoid

There are alternative solutions to block a neighbor’s security camera that are not advisable to execute due to legal issues. They work fine but are out of line and may get you in trouble with law enforcement and escalate the situation.

Covering Camera Lens

One way to block the view is to cover the security camera lens by rubbing a viscous substance or spraying paint. Objects like a cloth or tape are great for covering outdoor cameras too. Be sure to use a privacy mask to conceal your face.

It works if you do it correctly, but it has several limitations. For beginners, you must be careful not to be recorded while vandalizing the property since you can be charged in court for tampering with private property.

Also, you may leave your DNA or a mere fingerprint while rubbing something on the lens, thus leaving yourself vulnerable to prosecution for destruction of property.

Using a Security Camera Jammer

A security camera jammer is portable, and you can carry it anywhere. It blocks security cameras by disrupting Bluetooth signals and camera recordings. Be sure to know your neighbor’s security camera broadcast frequency since it will determine the size and model of your camera jammer.

On the flip side, the method requires lots of effort and money. The signal jammer should match the type of device your neighbor is using and its corresponding broadcasting frequency range. Camera jammers are also expensive.

Hacking the Security Camera

Hacker and security password hacking, data virus hack

You can conveniently hack into your neighbor’s security camera from your laptop. You should be within the range of his WI-FI router and know the personal details associated with the WI-FI. Once you are in, you can temporarily disconnect the security cameras from the network. You must be on the WI-FI network to get through the disruption process.

The process is difficult, and you need to be a hacking expert to execute it. Nonetheless, all the work may not help much since it only blocks digital data. The security will still record video footage physically. Besides, you can still be prosecuted for cybercrime.


While protecting one’s privacy and personal space is paramount, staying out of trouble with the law and living peacefully with your neighbors is also important. We hope that the eight effective methods on how to block a neighbor’s security camera recommended above will help you handle things better like the civilized citizen you are. 

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