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HAVEN Door Lock Review

HAVEN Door Lock Review

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Quick Overview





  • Heavy-duty
  • Impressive app interface
  • Remarkable battery charge cycle
  • Full charge can last a year


  • Might be inconvenient to operate without the optional accessories
  • Instructions for drilling could be better

Smart gadgets are becoming increasingly common. For security, smart locks are the ideal product that offers capabilities such as remote access, automation, and other intelligent security features.

Haven offers a unique preventative home security system that differs from smart locks. For this HAVEN door lock review, let’s take a look at Connect, an upgrade to a conventional floor deadbolt.

HAVEN Connect Review

HAVEN is a new manufacturer of Bluetooth-enabled anchored locks and related accessories for home and commercial use. Through the efforts of Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks, the company has existed since 2014.

Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, HAVEN strives to be one of the household names when it comes to smart home security. 

The wedge concept for HAVEN products was inspired by Bertelli’s floor-based bar concept while traveling abroad. Thanks to its qualities, the design is eventually included in the team’s prototype.

The HAVEN Connect exhibits the wedge concept, released a couple of years after the company’s inception. You can purchase it in two colorways, HAVEN Black or Russet Brown.

There is yet to have an announcement about significant updates to the device’s design or features since its initial release.

Who Is This Product For?

Owners of smart homes are the primary target market of the HAVEN Connect device. Usually, these people look forward to having the latest iteration of the advanced security systems.

Since it’s not necessarily a replacement for smart locks, the HAVEN Connect is another layer of protection that homeowners would gladly consider. Even those who are not particular about getting the latest technology will find this product appealing.

What’s Included?

When you purchase HAVEN Connect, you will get the device and accessories. It includes a power adapter, charging cable, door spacer, and installation screws.

Its optional accessories are the installation riser, HAVEN Key Fob, and Hub. These accessories can make the device’s operation more convenient.

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Overview of Features

This HAVEN door lock review has listed some distinct qualities that make the Connect a compelling addition to your home security system.

  • Wedge Technology

This gadget is essentially a retractable wedge door stopper that inhibits forced entry when installed and activated. 

According to HAVEN, it has been tested to be about ten times stronger than a regular deadbolt lock. It’s increasing your protection against those who would kick the door open to gain access inside the house. 

HAVEN Connect is floor-anchored and capable of distributing force exerted to your door into a 30-inch base plate made from steel. The locking wedge bends in response to applied force, making the door more resistant to forced entries.

  • Easy Installation

You can install the HAVEN Connect on concrete, tile, vinyl, or hardwood surfaces.

To lock the device, you have to use screws, VHB Tape, which is sold separately, or a combination of the two. It attaches to the bottom of your door via three simple steps using your regular home maintenance tools.

An average of only 14 minutes is required to complete the installation. It also comes with six Philips head screws that you can use to secure the lock to your floor.

The HAVEN Connect includes an easy-to-follow instruction manual for first-time users. If you’re confused with the written instructions, videos are available online that will help you figure out how to mount it properly.

  • Interface

If you have the Gateway Hub, the device can integrate with Amazon Alexa to make home security more effortless than usual.

The HAVEN Connect will sync into Alexa routines to automatically lock at bedtime, unlock once you arrive, and any other automation you can think of. With the Attack Detection feature, you can get audio email or push notifications right to your phone whenever someone attempts to come in uninvited.

  • Material Quality

Military-grade materials are utilized to ensure that the HAVEN Connect has the strongest possible resistance against impact. It features a mix of nylon, steel, and poly-carbonates with industrial strength.

As mentioned earlier, the device is made to bend or flex. By having this attribute, the HAVEN Connect absorbs the force of the impact made by an intruder when they attempt to break in.

Considering these features, you can rest easy that this cutting-edge piece of technology is sufficiently resilient to protect your family.

  • Made Locally

HAVEN sources the materials for its products in the United States. One of its strategies focuses on generating jobs for Americans and employing their skills and trade to manufacture high-quality, dependable gadgets.

Compared to tech giants Apple, Samsung, and others, HAVEN Connect products are manufactured and made in the USA.

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How To Use

Before installation, our HAVEN door lock review will highlight some steps needed by this home security device.

  • Remove the Lock Gate

Once you are ready to mount the HAVEN Connect, you must first remove the HAVEN locking gate cover. Unscrew the four little screws on the back of the locking gate by using a Phillips head screwdriver. You’ll have access to the factory reset button whenever the locking gate is unattached.

  • Charge

First, ensure that the HAVEN Connect is fully charged. Connect the cable to the power adapter included in the package.

Open the control panel cover on the left side of the locking gate. Then, plug the charging cable into the Charging Port.

To ensure that the HAVEN Connect is at full charge, leave it plugged in for about six to eight hours.

  • Perform Lock Cycling

A cycle is done by engaging and disengaging the lock using the lock gate and foot pedal. Cycling the lock at least ten times before installation validates that the nylon straps within the lock are adequately stretched and calibrated.

As you may know, components might settle during delivery, and this cycling technique will make the parts “stretch” and optimize their performance. Also, it’s recommended to cycle the lock five times by using the key fob or the app.

Doing so ensures that the motor is correctly engaged and ready for installation and use.

  • Install the Mobile App

To control and manage HAVEN Connect, you need to have the official app installed on your smartphone.

Search for the “HAVEN Lock” app on the Apple App Store if you’re using an iPhone or Google Play Store for Android devices. If you’re having issues locating the app, check the device’s manual and scan the QR code, and you’ll be directed automatically.

Since the HAVEN Connect requires a Bluetooth connection, activate your smart device’s Bluetooth connectivity during setup.

  • Set Up Account and Pair

After the app is installed, open the HAVEN app and follow the instructions presented on the screen for account creation.

Once you’re done creating an account, open the app with your credentials and select the Plus button to widen the menu. Follow the on-screen cues after selecting “Pair A Device.”

After that, open the HAVEN Connect’s control panel, press and release the admin button. Keep in mind that holding the button is not recommended. Tap your phone to the lock once the LED starts flashing and the pairing process is complete.

  • Complete the Setup

When your lock has finished connecting with your smartphone or tablet, you will be asked to name the lock. After you’ve given your lock a name, tap the blue button that indicates “Complete Setup” at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are done with these instructions, you are ready to mount the HAVEN Connect to the base of the door.


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As of this time, the HAVEN Connect is regarded as a unique type of smart lock. There are no other gadgets in the market with a similar wedge design which offers another layer of protection from unauthorized access.

However, if you feel that the HAVEN Connect is not for you, the August Smart Lock Pro is a great alternative.

It’s recently one of the most-praised keyless smart locks, and it costs about $100 less than our featured product. You can also integrate the device with Google Assistant and Alexa.

HAVEN Door Lock Review: The Verdict

With the overall features and unique design of the HAVEN Connect, it’s challenging not to consider it. The only aspect that makes the device less popular than other smart locks is probably the price and lack of promotion.

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