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Best Outdoor Dome Security Camera – Cyber Matters Review

Best Outdoor Dome Security Camera – Cyber Matters Review

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To keep an eye on your property, you need a good camera that will provide that extra sense of security. With so many different brands and models available on the market, finding what you are looking for is not easy.

We took the liberty to find some of the best outdoor dome security cameras to see what they have to offer. This will help those looking for a good surveillance tool to help keep your property a bit safer.

If you are interested in finding a good outdoor security camera, look no further. We have a few that may interest you. They each have various features that will match your needs, budgets, and preferences. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what these outdoor dome security cameras have on offer for you.

Comparison Chart

41P7WGqcHiL. SL500
Amcrest 5MP POE Camera
31DdbPzyS3S. SL500
ZOSI 2.0MP 1080P 1920TVL Hybrid 4-in-1
31d VadEUXL. SL500
Hikvision DS-2CD2143G0
31EoI3aaVUL. SL500
FOSCAM 4X Optical Zoom PT Surveillance Dome Camera
41UjyXzu2+S. SL500
Anpviz 5MP PoE IP Dome Camera with Microphone

Best Outdoor Dome Security Camera Reviews

The Outdoor Vandal Dome Security Camera From Amcrest

41P7WGqcHiL. SL500

If you are looking for a security camera with the latest surveillance technology, this one will provide that. The many great features included with this surveillance camera from Amcrest make it a good investment in the safety of your loved ones.


This camera is equipped with a high weatherproof capability to keep it safe from rain and all types of weather conditions. The IP67 grade weather resistance provides protection against even stronger winds and keeps the dust out of it as well.

With the Amcrest cloud app included with this outdoor dome camera, you will have quick and easy access to all footage. There is ample cloud storage at your disposal, so you do not need to worry that you may lose any of your data.

You will be able to see everything your camera sees in UltraHD video quality that provides high-quality viewing capability. You can also store your data locally with the option to add an SD storage card of up to 256GB storage capacity for later viewing.

The motion detection feature will send you quick notifications to keep you up to date on what is happening on your property. When you receive the notification, you will be able to see live footage to increase the overall security of the camera.

Very high-quality materials are used to construct this camera to make it last much longer. It is also available in a wide range of configurations if you need different features and capabilities for your surveillance equipment.

You do not have any audio available or any type of communication with this security camera, so you cannot hear what is said. This disadvantage will take away some of the versatility of the security camera, and those who need audio should avoid buying this.

It also does not have a full 360-degree viewing capability, but only up to 103 degrees. Even though it still has wide viewing capability, you will need more than one camera if you have a large area to watch.


  • This camera is waterproof – safe to be setup undercover and in exposed areas
  • It is made with a durable construction that will last for years
  • Very easy to install and set up in just a few minutes
  • Comes with a long-range night vision capability


  • This camera does not have audio included, which can be frustrating
  • It does not come with 360-degree viewing

The Zosi 1920TVL Hybrid Dome Security Camera

31DdbPzyS3S. SL500

Surveillance cameras from this company are available in different configurations to widen your options of cameras available for security purposes. These cameras for outdoor security from Zosi come with a very good price point to make them affordable for more people.


You will be able to see everything clearly on this camera in a high-quality video of up 1080p HD resolution. This is great if you want to have more detail in the case of a break-in, so you can provide face identification to law enforcement.

The camera provided by Zosi will see up to 80 feet very clearly on even the darkest nights with high-quality footage. This is because of the 24 IR LEDs included with the camera while it is paired with the 3.6mm HD lens.

It is designed in such a way that it can be installed on the wall and even on the ceiling to improve your viewing capability. This feature makes it very easy to install at different places, either indoors or outdoors, to keep a constant eye on your premises and property.

The high-quality materials used in this camera make it very strong and durable to last for a very long time. It is also made to be high-grade waterproof, so you can install it outdoors without worrying that it may become damaged.

A built-in OSD menu allows the camera to quickly change between four different viewing output modes. It is also compatible with analog DVRs to make it possible to record footage in high-quality resolution for better security options.

Unfortunately, this camera is not wireless and needs to be hard-wired to get power and save footage. This will take away some of the camera’s versatility, and this makes it vulnerable to malicious intent.

Also, the app available for your mobile devices is a bit limited in that it comes with somewhat limited bandwidth capability. That means your footage will stream for a short time before it will freeze, and you need to restart the app.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to durable construction
  • It comes with a low price tag attached that makes it accessible for most people
  • Quick and easy setup option
  • It comes with 4 different modes included


  • This security camera is not wireless – can be a security concern
  • The app included with the camera is not very supportive

The DS-2CD2143GO Vandal Dome Security Camera From Hikvision

31d VadEUXL. SL500

This outdoor security camera from Hikvision is available in 2.8mm and 4mm sizes to increase your options. It may come with a high price tag attached, but the many features of this high-quality camera make up for that.


With this security dome camera from Hikvision, you get very high 4MP and 2K picture resolution for much clearer footage. This helps to easily see what is happening on your premises or in your yard to increase the security factor of this device.

The easy-view app included with this surveillance camera makes it very easy to view your footage or live streaming on different browsers and devices. Motion detection included with the camera will alert you if anyone is moving around that should not be.

High-quality materials are used to construct this outdoor camera and will make it last for a long time. It will be safe from harm in different weather conditions thanks to the high IP67 weatherproof grade.

It also comes with a video content analysis feature to provide you with face detection and line crossing detection capability. 

This security camera is compatible with a wide range of the most popular browsers to make it easy to use with different devices. It can be used with Firefox, Google Chrome, and more, while the app can also be used with Android and iOS devices.

The outdoor security camera from Hikvision is not easy to install and may take some time to learn how to operate it. This means that those with little to no experience will need to hire an expert to install it on your premises.

It is also quite expensive, which places it out of reach of those who can not afford the price attached to it. You also have no audio recording with this outdoor security camera from Hikvision.


  • It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • Motion detection is included – a great feature for added security
  • You get up to 2 years warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Lifetime technical support from the manufacturer


  • It comes with a high price tag attached
  • May take some time to set it up

The Foscam 4MP Outdoor Security Camera

31EoI3aaVUL. SL500

With many great features included with this security camera, you will be able to keep an eye on your premises without trouble. It comes with great software, making setting this surveillance equipment up much easier without wasting too much of your time.


This outdoor dome camera comes with up to 4x optical zooming capabilities to make it much easier to see detail. This means you will be able to recognize anybody in the footage to increase the overall security factor of the camera.

You also have a 350-degree vertical and 60-degree horizontal rotation to make it easy to have a much wider viewing option. With this feature, you will have up to 360 degrees viewing coverage which eliminates any dead zones.

It comes included with AI human detection, so it will not alert you when your pets move into the view of the camera. This HD camera will capture clear and sharp images with the high-quality 2K video and picture resolution included with it.

This feature makes it ideal for keeping an eye on your driveway and will easily protect a hallway. It also enables a range of up to 66 feet of night vision to improve the surveillance capability of the camera.

An easy and very stable WiFi connection of 2.4 and 5Ghz will allow easy access to all your footage from different devices. This feature makes the device suitable for live streaming without any interference because of the stability of the 5Ghz connection channel. 

A feature that is not so good with this camera is that it cannot be installed flat on the wall for a clear viewing option. You will need to add some spacing to the wall so the mounting bracket will be more level on the wall.

You will also not be able to configure the camera without using the Foscam software to have access to the default password.


  • This camera comes with wireless connection capability
  • You have a very clear picture with the camera
  •  A built-in mic allows for sound recording and added security
  • It is easy to operate this camera remotely


  • It cannot be installed flat against the wall, which can look untidy
  • You cannot configure this camera without the Foscam software

The Anpviz Outdoor Dome Security Camera

41UjyXzu2+S. SL500

This camera from Anpviz can be installed and used with various surveillance options to increase the overall security factor. It also comes with many great safety features to make it vandal-proof, so it cannot break easily and is weatherproof.


The rugged design of this outdoor camera makes it durable to be used outdoors in different harsh weather conditions without it breaking easily. It is also designed not to be broken easily, even if you hit it with a hammer.

It is easy to install this camera indoors or outdoors with the many different mounting options you have available with it. The mounting is robust and allows tight mounting on the wall to stay attached for a very long time.

A very wide viewing is possible with up to 108 degrees viewing capability to increase your viewing angle quite a bit. This makes it ideal to use in many different security setups to keep an eye on your property and loved ones.

You have smart movement alerts on your mobile device via the easy-to-use app that comes included with this camera. HD quality streaming and playback are possible through any device you may connect to.

The camera can be easily connected to the IVR to record even when you have no internet access. Only a single cable is used to connect the camera, while the power for the camera comes from the network cable connection.

Unfortunately, with this camera, you do not have an auto-tracking feature which takes away some of the usability of the device. It also means that the camera will not track someone lurking on your premises, so it might lose the prowler.

You also do not have a WiFi connection included with this camera, so you will need to install a cable to connect it. The camera gets its power from the network cable, so no other connection option is available.


  • You have high-quality night vision capability for crystal clear imagery
  • It comes with easy streaming and playback options
  • Very accurate and timely alerts are possible with this camera
  • Easy storage of footage capability available for added convenience


  • There is no auto-tracking included, which is not ideal in business settings
  • You do not have a WiFi connection option available


Having a dome security camera in your yard or driveway, or in the parking lot of your business, can allow you to have peace of mind and a bit of extra security if you are concerned about the safety of your home or business. All of the options that we reviewed above are great options that will serve you well, and the decision of which you select will come down to your needs, preferences, and budget.

With that being said, the WiFi connection capability of the Foscam outdoor dome security camera makes this one a clear winner in our opinion. The affordable Amcrest camera with the very high 5MP video quality makes it a worthy runner-up in this lineup of great outdoor dome security cameras.


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