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Best Hidden Wi-Fi Camera of 2021: Cyber Matters Review

Best Hidden Wi-Fi Camera of 2021: Cyber Matters Review

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Home security can help you monitor your home while you’re away on a business trip, vacation, or at an event. A hidden camera can be an excellent solution to deterring unwanted visitors from your home. Most hidden cameras come with motion sensors and night vision, and enable you to check a live stream and review recorded footage.The thing is, how do you find one that works for your home? We will be discussing the best hidden Wi-Fi cameras available today in this article.

Best Hidden Wi-Fi Camera Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera Cop Spy Cam, Ehomful WiFi Mini Body Camera Portable Home Security Cameras Covert Small Nanny Cam with App 1080P Night Vision Motion Activated Indoor and Outdoor
41gS1FcrsNL. SL500
HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock Night Vision/Motion Detection/Loop Recording Home Surveillance Cameras
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1080P 10000mAh WiFi Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera with Motion Detection,Night Vision,Nanny Camera for Baby/Pet Monitoring/Home Security,Real Mobile Charger
Mini Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera,Kaposev 1080P Small Security Cameras Motion Detection Nanny Cam,Remotely Viewing and Video Recording from Mobile Devices
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AOBO Spy Hidden Camera Mini Wireless WiFi Camera HD 1080P Indoor Home Smallest Spy Nanny Cam Security Cameras Battery Powered with Motion Detection/Night Vision for iPhone/Android Phone/iPad/PC

1. Ehomful Mini Spy Camera

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This Wi-Fi camera is an excellent choice for those who want to monitor the inside of their home. If you have a pet, child, or want to keep an eye on the nanny, the Ehomful can help.

It features a small wireless one-inch cube design that can be placed anywhere in your home. The small size enables it to be concealed, and it will stream to your smartphone or device directly.


Here’s an overview of the Ehomful Mini Spy Camera.

Built-in magnet

The back of the camera is mounted with a magnet which can be used to secure the device to any metal surface. Use this to your advantage and place the camera onto a refrigerator or any other metal surface. However, if you don’t want to use the magnet, you still have the option of mounting it to another object.

Live streaming

Just because this is a mini-spy camera doesn’t mean that the company skimps out on quality. The camera has a low latency of ¼ seconds and enables you to live stream 1080p high-quality videos to any smart device that has the app installed.

Night vision

Other cameras may not be useful during the dark, but the Ehomful comes with smart IR sensors which automatically turn on when lighting drops below favorable conditions. This enables the stream to continue undisturbed.

Two modes

The first mode creates its own Wi-Fi access point and broadcasts up to 160 feet away. With this mode, you can access the device without the need to be connected to the internet via a smart device. On the other hand, the second mode enables you to connect to your Wi-Fi router, and you’ll be able to monitor the device via any device.

Motion detection

Whenever there is any movement on the camera, the device will automatically awaken and begin recording. This enables the device to be energy efficient, while not cutting down on the effectiveness.

Notifications and memory

All notifications will be sent to your phone and the video recorded will be stored on a Micro SD card with 64 GB. Once the SD is full, the device will begin to record over it again.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to mount
  • Works day and night
  • Multiple connectivity modes
  • 24/7 updates


  • Short battery life; needs to be plugged in

2. DareTang HD Hidden Camera

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The DareTang is a hidden camera that can be used to help monitor your home. It’s shaped similarly to an alarm clock and functions like one too.

The camera will be recording in your home without anyone realizing that it’s really a hidden spy camera. This allows you to place it in plain sight and enables you to record without other objects in the way.


Here’s an overview of the features of the DareTang HD Hidden Camera.

12-hour alarm clock

The camera is placed in the alarm clock, but the clock still functions as a 12-hour system alarm clock. Set the time and use it to set alarms or when you need to check the time.

Motion detection

To save power, the camera comes equipped with motion detection. Whenever there isn’t movement, the camera will turn off, but when anything triggers the motion sensors, the device will switch on and send a notification to your smartphone.

Loop recording system

All video footages will be recorded onto a Micro SD card. Once the device runs out of space, it will begin recording over the oldest files first.

HD video

When it comes to quality, all video is recorded in 1920 x 1080p. This ensures that you’ll be able to see every detail of what’s happening to your home when you’re away. The battery included is rechargeable.

Night vision

The camera comes with built-in night vision which records video in pitch black darkness. The IR night vision will turn on in low-lit conditions and will begin to record. All videos will still be visible to the human eye.


  • Works as an alarm clock
  • Effective motion detection
  • Consistent updates
  • High-quality video
  • Can be used day and night


  • Wi-Fi connectivity may slow down at times

3. Poetele Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

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The Poetele is another hidden Wi-Fi camera that is designed to mimic the look of a power bank. As such, you can place it anywhere in sight, and the camera will start recording. Use it to monitor your pets, children, or nannies when you’re away from the house.


Here’s an overview of what the Poetele Wi-Fi Hidden Camera offers.

Tiny lens

The lens is barely visible and is well concealed within the power bank. Any passer-by won’t be able to tell that there’s a hidden camera in the device. Place it in your office, children’s bedrooms, or in the living room.

Battery life

Unlike other hidden cameras, this version has extended battery life. When it’s fully charged, it can continuously record for 15 hours at a time. If the motion detection is turned on, the device may last even longer.

Night vision

The night vision function will only last for four hours per charge, as this device isn’t designed to be used at night. However, it has enough illumination to brighten where it’s recording.

Video looping

Video will be stored onto a micro SD device which has 32 GB space available. Once the SD card is full, it will loop around and begin recording over the oldest videos.

HD resolution

Poor quality cameras can ruin home security. Luckily, this version comes with high resolution at 1080p quality. This enables you to see every detail going on in your home.


  • Wireless
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Semi-night vision
  • Loop recording system
  • High-quality video


  • Takes a while to recharge

4. Kaposev Mini Spy Camera

The Kaposev is a unique hidden camera that is similar to those seen in spy movies. It features a slim design which comes with multiple attachments, enabling the wearer to hide it in their clothes. Take this camera with you or use it at home.

You’ll be able to adjust the camera to fit the space you’re recording. It also has multi-user support, allowing multiple people to log in and view the live stream at one time.


Here’s an overview of the Kaposev Mini Spy Camera.

Compact size

The camera lens is very compact and can be hidden between plants, objects, or on drawers. Also, if you’d like to use it while you’re on the go, you can hide it in your pocket and use the device to record videos and take pictures.

The app

To access the live stream, you will need to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. From there, you can view live videos or check over the previously recorded videos. As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to receive updates.

HD video

All videos are recorded in 1920 x 1080p and feature 30 fps. This enables you to view crystal clear videos while also being able to see every detail of what’s going on around you.

Motion detection

You’ll have the option to switch to motion detection mode, which enables the device to turn on anytime it sees movement. We recommend this setting for when you’re at home.

Records while charging

Other cameras will need to be turned off while the device is charging. With this model, you can keep it plugged in, and it will continue to charge and record simultaneously.


  • Compact design
  • Use anywhere
  • HD video
  • Text alerts
  • Multiple users


  • Not the most reliable Wi-Fi connection

5. Aobo Spy Hidden Camera

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The Aobo is the last on our list and is less a hidden camera than it is a cute way to monitor your kids. The camera itself is inspired by a panda and comes in a unique design. You can plug it in and adjust where the lens is pointing, as the body of the camera can be rotated 360°.


Here’s a quick overview of the features of the Aobo Spy Hidden Camera.

iOS and Android device app

Connect the camera to your iOS or Android device by downloading the Aobo Spy Camera app. As long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity at a 2.4 GHz rate, you’ll be able to access the videos from any device.

Easy to install

The body of the camera includes an internal magnet which can be attached to metal surfaces. This enables you to mount it onto any metal surface without the hassle of having to screw it in.

Rechargeable batteries

The rechargeable batteries are built-in and can last a few hours. However, the device cannot be charged via USB cable or through a power bank.

Motion detection

The motion detection function can help save battery life and will send an alert every time it senses any motion. You’ll be able to adjust the sensitivity, and this way, you’re not bombarded with updates constantly.

Night vision

The night vision feature enables the camera to be used day and night. When the sensors drop too low, the IR lights will kick in and illuminate up to five meters in the distance. This enables you to keep watch of your home, even if it’s pitch black.


  • Cute design
  • Perfect for children’s bedrooms
  • Built-in magnets
  • Motion alert updates
  • Day and night use


  • Need to adjust recording settings

Final Verdict

We’d have to say that the best hidden Wi-Fi camera would have to be the DareTang. It features a clock-like design which enables you to place it anywhere in the home without it looking suspicious. The camera quality is good, and you’ll have instant access to motion alerts, live streams, and night vision – all at the tips of your fingers.

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