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Best Door Lock Installation Kit of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Door Lock Installation Kit of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Whether you prefer smart locks or classic door locks for home security, installing a locking mechanism can be challenging. That is why you have to consider getting the best door lock installation kit.

With the help of this item, you don’t necessarily have to hire a handyperson to ensure that installation is executed the right way. When the locks are fully functional, you’re more confident that your house is adequately secured.

Comparison Chart

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DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit
51BVwIRLu7S. SL500
KATA Door Lock Installation Kit for Wooden Doors
51JY0alRLQL. SL500
IRWIN Door Lock Installation Kit for Wooden Doors
MIBRO Carbon Steel Door Lock and Deadbolt Installation Kit for Wood Doors
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IVY Classic Carbon-Steel Lock Installation Kit

Best Door Lock Installation Kit Reviews

1. Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit

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Dewalt is one of the most established names when it comes to home maintenance products. The company promises innovative features and durability at a consumer-friendly price, from power tools to storage accessories.

For a door lock installation kit, Dewalt offers the D180004, a model that exhibits two bi-metal hole saws.

Product Highlights

This door lock installation kit from Dewalt features some notable features that will make lock installation easier than usual. Some of them are:

  • C-Clamp Design

C-clamps are used to secure objects, often wood or metal. It’s also sometimes referred to as the G-clamp because when the screw is added, the clamp resembles the letter G.

The C-clamp is undoubtedly one of the most popular and commonly used types of clamps employed by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. For the Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit, its design features tool-free clamping. As such, it’s less prone to cause surface damage.

  • Adjustable Bushings

The Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit’s adjustable brushes enable you to fit the common thicknesses of doors. Its flexibility might help you save time and stress during lock installation.

Designed for precision and convenience, it makes it relatively simple to align holes in wood or metal doors. As a result, the D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit is recognized as one of the most practical models for amateurs.

  • Heavy-Duty Saw

For its hole saw, Dewalt utilized the M3 steel, one of the preferred materials for such components. This steel has a healthy mix of wear resistance and grind quality while exhibiting superior toughness from abrasion and edge breakage.

As a result, M3 steel is an excellent material for tools like door lock installation kits because of such qualities.

  • Alignment Window

If you’ve ever put a lockset on a door, you might have an idea about the difficulty of precisely marking the spot of the strike plate on the jamb.

It will be easy with the Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit because of its alignment window and tall bushings. Thus, you’re less likely to commit mistakes since you’ll get accurate height placement and linear drilling.

  • Protection From Warping

Wood warping is a distortion from flatness caused by pressures that can happen when you’re installing locks.

This installation kit from Dewalt comes with backing plates used as reinforcement to counteract warping. Besides minimizing wood warping, the plates help make removing the mandrel easier.

The Good

The Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit can cut through various door materials like wood, metal, and fiberglass. In other words, it is a versatile installation kit that works on multiple types of doors.

The Bad

There could be some black plastic shavings coming from the jig’s guide hole. It could give an implication to its users that the Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit’s functionality will not last long.


  • Impressive clamp hold
  • Intuitive to use
  • Easy installation


  • Template material could be better
  • Bit tends to bind too much

2. KATA KT20531 Wood Door Lock Installation Kit

51BVwIRLu7S. SL500

For hand tools and hole saws, KATA managed to release many high-quality models that garnered acclaim from both pros and amateurs.

The brand has an impressive collection of folding and retractable box cutters that have eye-catching designs great features. Other than that, it also offers a couple of door lock installation kits that are worth considering.

Product Highlights

According to KATA, this installation kit has most of the features you need to cut holes for locks and deadbolts.

  • Quality Materials

The KATA KT20531’s hole saws and arbor are made of carbon steel to ensure exceptional durability.

Carbon steel has a wide range of uses due to its resilience, allowing it to withstand abrasion and keep its shape. It can resist significant pressure before it starts deforming.

Carbon steel can have up to 2.1 percent carbon by weight, much more than standard steel. The presence of the additional carbon content provides numerous significant advantages, namely enhanced strength, toughness, ductility, and weldability.

  • Easy Installation

The KATA KT20531 features a four-step installation to accommodate most types of users. The steps for installing this kit are simplified so that there should be less room for mistakes.

However, KATA reminds users that drilling on one side only is highly discouraged. Instead, drill the borehole only halfway for each side.

  • Precision Drilling

Getting the correct spot in drilling can take some time and patience when it comes to a door lock installation.

The adjustable guide template of the KATA KT20531 Wood Door Lock Installation Kit can help in pinpointing where drilling should happen. Instead of clamps, this model utilizes snap-lock arms used to select the width and backset of the door lock.

The Good

The KATA KT20531 Wood Door Lock Installation Kit is ideal for small to medium key sizes due to its compact design. It wouldn’t take too much space on your toolbox when not in use.

The Bad

Durability seems to be one of the issues for guides made of plastic, and this installation kit is no exception. Extreme caution is required when using the KATA KT20531 because the ABS plastic guide template appears thin and prone to damage.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • The blade could get too hot during drilling
  • Drill bit might tend to keep loosening

3. IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit

51JY0alRLQL. SL500

IRWIN TOOLS manufactures and distributes professional-grade hand tools and power tool accessories worldwide for trade professionals.

With over a century in the industry, the company’s legacy as a maker of high-quality tools is well-established. It also has a couple of door lock installation kits tailored for specific materials.

Product Highlights

This door installation kit from IRWIN has some notable qualities that make it one of the legitimate contenders for the best door lock installation kit.

  • Carbon Hole Saws

A hole saw is essentially a drill bit that allows you to bore out a circular gap for door lock installation.

This kit from IRWIN has saws made from carbon steel to ensure durability and strength. As a standard saw material on door lock installation kits, you can be confident that it’s effective in making holes on wooden doors with ease.

  • Self-Centering Jig

To ensure that the IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit can accommodate all standard door widths, it features a convenient self-centering jig. Thanks to this component, you’re less likely to drill the holes inaccurately.

  • Bolt Plate Template

When you purchase the IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit, it includes a bolt plate template. This component helps transfer the mounting plates’ attachment positions.

  • Custom Router Bit

A router bit is a component that attaches to a router tool and is mainly used to cut and carve wood. This component is available in a range of shapes and sizes.

The IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit includes a custom router bit that specializes in making holes in wooden doors.

The Good

In three to four steps, you’re able to complete the installation required to complete the procedure. This kit from IRWIN also includes most of the necessary instructions, templates, and router components needed to mount door locks and hinges.

The Bad

The IRWIN Wooden Door Lock Installation Kit’s bolt plate template may not maintain its shape for too long. That’s because its plastic construction makes it vulnerable to deforming after some use.


  • Relatively easy to use
  • Great for occasional DIY door lock replacement
  • Budget-friendly


  • No door jamb included
  • Can wobble during drilling

4. Mibro 300681 Door Lock Installation Kit

The Mibro Group has grown to become a significant North American manufacturer of power tools and related accessories since its inception in 1946.

It has a long tenure in manufacturing hand tools and accessories such as drills, abrasives, and cutting tools. Mibro offers an easy wood door lock installation with the 300681 kit.

Product Highlights

The Mibro 300681 Door Lock Installation Kit has some notable aspects that make it highly recommended by DIY enthusiasts, including:

  • EZ-Guide Template

If you’re not familiar with home improvement tools, the 300681 Door Lock Installation Kit is probably your best bet. It includes a user-friendly guide template that outlines a straightforward approach that will not require much time or effort.

The kit simply required three basic steps to install deadbolts and locks easily.

  • Hole Saws

According to Milbro, the 300681 Door Lock Installation Kit utilizes professional-grade quality hole saws. As such, it’s understandable to expect that the saws can deliver exceptional accuracy and long service life.

  • Fit

According to multiple sources, the regular door thickness is about 1¾ inches for residential homes. That’s the reason the Mibro 300681 Door Lock Installation Kit is designed to accommodate such measurements.

Even if the door is 1⅜ inches only, this item can still provide the fit required for the operation.

  • Jig Material

Unless you see the installation kit personally, you might get confused because the jig appears to be made of metal. Its color and general design can make you assume that it is made of such material.

Unfortunately, the Mibro 300681 Door Lock Installation Kit’s jig is also made of plastic, which can be disappointing.

As you may know, durability is not one of the strongest aspects of this material. If you’re looking for an installation kit that could provide a long service life, there’s no guarantee that this Mibro product is the ideal choice.

The Good

While most door lock installation kit promises ease of use, the Mibro 300681 is definitely one of the best options for first-time users. With its clear and concise instructions, you won’t have too much room for error during installation.

The Bad

During drilling bigger holes, the plastic jig has a tendency to move slightly, which may affect the accuracy. As such, you need to hold the tool in order to stabilize it.


  • Great value
  • Can work fast, even on older doors
  • Ideal for enlarging existing holes
  • Clever design


  • Underwhelming aesthetics
  • Drill bit quality could be better

5. IVY Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit

41LqUK5dU3L. SL500

IVY Classic is committed to producing a comprehensive array of high-quality hand tools and power tool accessories for the industrial, contracting, and DIY markets.

The company guarantees that its products are made with strict quality-control procedures. For lock install kits, the Ivy Classic 27003 is highly recommended for wooden doors.

Product Highlights

The Ivy Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit has outstanding features that other kits cannot match. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • High Carbon Steel

The hole saws and the pilot drill of this lock installation kit are made of high carbon steel. High carbon steel is widely used for a variety of applications.

Many tools, including drill bits, masonry nails, knives, saws, and woodcutting tools, are made using this type of steel. Properties like high hardness levels and metal wear resistance are usually attributed to high carbon steel.

As such, it’s common for manufacturers to favor the material when it comes to metal cutting components.

  • Guide Template

The IVY Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit includes an adjustable plastic guide template for effortless and precise drilling. It features snap-lock arms used for selecting the door’s width and backset.

  • Available Sizes

The Ivy Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit offers four Backset x Door Thickness measurements. That’s why it’s more likely to fit on different setups based on your preferences.

  • Installation

The instruction manual that comes with the IVY Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit makes it relatively simple to mount the lock. With the saws’ diameters being a tad smaller than the diameters of the holes, you can expect a cleaner result.

The Good

The Ivy Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit can deliver a smoother operation compared to other door lock installation kits since it tends to stay in place. Hence, you won’t need extra help to hold it in position while drilling.

The Bad

To be in a perfect circle, making minor adjustments after mounting the hole cutter may be necessary. If not, wobbling can occur when the drill is turned on.


  • Made for amateur DIYers
  • Inexpensive
  • High-quality jig and bit set
  • Fast operation


  • Not ideal for enlarging an existing hole
  • Hole saws can dull quickly

Buyer’s Guide

It’s fair to conclude that if you want the most security in your home, you should buy one of the high-performing and long-lasting door locks. That said, you will not be able to get the most out of them if you do not correctly install them.

That’s why we strongly advise utilizing the best door lock installation kit you can find. Let’s explore some qualities you need to look out for when buying one.

Locking Mechanism

Most affordable door lock installation kits feature screw slots to help lock the jig in place. Keep in mind though that even when you’re careful and follow the instruction to a tee, there’s still a good chance that scuffs will happen.

Opt for a kit that features a clamp design to minimize or eliminate this possible occurrence. It can provide the necessary security needed while keeping your door surface smooth.

Hole Saws

When shopping for door lock installation kits, arguably the essential component is the hole saw. Exceptional precision and durability are the qualities that hole saws must have to bore holes correctly.

Look for installation kits with a bi-metal hole saw since it is applicable for wood, plastic, and metal doors. In some cases, it can even cut stainless steel.


Getting precisely placed holes can be challenging since the jig tends to move during drilling. That’s why some kits are designed with a jig that automatically corrects itself, which can help you get more precise holes.

You’re less likely to have issues with accuracy when you opt for a door lock installation kit that includes this feature. If you can find one with a self-centering jig, consider trying it.

FAQs About Door Lock Installation Kit

1. How To Use a Door Lock Installation Kit on a New Door?

While most kits have instructions on using them, there are general steps required to do it properly.

  1. Measure the gap between the top part of the old door and the middle of the old door’s latch hole. Take that measurement and make corresponding marks on the new door as a reference.
  2. There’s a drill guide available on most door installation kits. Choose the appropriate backset.
  3. Next, carefully align the template guide on the door so that it is centered on the mark you made earlier.
  4. If the door lock installation kit has screws for its locking mechanism, use the latch plate screws to secure the guide. Otherwise, use the clamps.
  5. Start drilling the hole for the lockset on the door’s face with the hole saws. Keep in mind that you need to cut through one side of the door only.
  6. Finish the hole by repeating the same procedure on the other side of the door. By doing this method, splintering is less likely to happen.
  7. With a one-inch hole saw, carefully drill the edge borehole meant for the latch.
  8. Once you’re done, de-attach the guide, but don’t throw the screws away when you replace the latch.
  9. Some drill kit models come with a jig and router bit to simplify the process. Fix the jig to the door and insert the router bit into the grooves. At this point, you might refer to the instruction of your installation kit to complete the procedure.

2. How Much Is the Average Labor Cost of Installing Door Locks?

According to CastHelper, a locksmith will usually charge a fee ranging from $40 to $100 plus anywhere from $5 to $25 one per keyhole. That amount will cover the cost of visiting your home and re-keying the locks.

Of course, the lock’s cost can vary depending on the kind of lock and the average rates in your area. Expenses can be considerably higher if the job is done after hours, on weekends, or during holidays.

Heavy-duty and smart locks may be more expensive since the installation needs more precision and labor.

Most of the affordable kits are made for wooden doors only. You have to opt for a model that has bi-metal hole saws, which are meant for metal doors.

A few examples of such kits are:

  • Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit
  • MaxSell Door Lock Installation Kit
  • Milwaukee HOLE DOZER™ Door Lock Installation Hole Saw Kit
  • Ryobi A99DLK4 Door Lock Installation Kit
  • IRWIN 3111002 Door Lock Installation Kit

4. How Much Does a Professional-grade Door Lock Installation Kit Usually Cost?

While DIY kits cost about $12 to $40, the professional-grade ones have a price range of $50 to $400. They usually include multiple sets, a toolbox, and heavy-duty hole saws.

5. What Are the Common Types of Hole Saws for Door Lock Installation Kits?

Carbon steel hole saws are a popular material for hole saws and are primarily intended for DIYers. Despite being less durable than bi-metal saws, they are primarily sufficient for one-off jobs.

On the other hand, bi-metal hole saws with variable pitch are intended for heavy-duty cutting. They have extremely strong, changeable pitch teeth that translate to long service life.

Lastly, tungsten carbide-tipped hole saws offer a wide range of applications and are ideal for professionals or DIYers. This type can make holes in all woods, nonferrous metals, plastic, and tiles.

Which Kit Should You Choose?

Our most recommended door lock installation kit out of the five we reviewed is the Dewalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit. Its C-clamp design is highly preferred because it will cause minimal to no scratches or visible markings on door surfaces.

Compared to the other kits, it is the only one applicable for metal doors, which speaks to its versatility. While the D180004 is pricier, its overall features are superior to the other four.

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