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Amico 39W 3-Head LED Security Lights Review

Amico 39W 3-Head LED Security Lights Review

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How wonderful is it to see how far technology has come since the invention of the first light bulb? Who would have thought that in the modern world light would be such a crucial part of living? Not only do we use it to light our way in the dark but now it’s used to keep us safe from burglars.

Technology has come far since Samuel Bango’s first addition of the motion sensor. Today society relies on these gadgets to ensure that no one can come onto their property undetected. We have many amazing products to choose from but let’s take a closer look at the Amico 39W 3-head LED Security lights

Amico 39W 3-Head LED Security Lights

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The Amico 39W is a 3-head LED outdoor motion detection security light. This product is essentially a security device that’s installed outside on any property and uses electric wiring to function. It has a motion sensor that switches on three brightly lit LED fluorescent lights when there is movement detected in a specific area.

Amico is an American based company founded in 1974. The company manufactures a wide range of lighting equipment as well as furniture, security installation solutions as well as medical lighting solutions.

Who is This Product For?

The Amico 39W 3-head LED security light is for homeowners, company owners, farmers, and anyone who lives in an area prone to vandalism, wild animal invasion or burglary.

Homeowners can use the Amico 39W as an added security measure for large or small properties. The LED motion sensor can be installed above a garage door or above the front or back door of a house. The lights can also be installed on a property wall or near a driveway gate.

Company owners can use the Amico 39W 3-headed security light at the entrance of a gate or shine a light on those pesky dark corners where surveillance cameras can’t pick up an image.

Farmers can use this product to pick up the movement of animals to protect their crops from being damaged. The bright fluorescent lights can assist in chasing off animals that damage farmland produce. It’s also meant for added security to detect motion from potential burglars.

The Amico 39W 3-head LED security motion detector is not meant for anyone who is looking to light up a dark area for long periods of time. You will need to get added permanent outdoor lighting sources to light up dark areas of your home. However, even if you do have the extra lighting, the motion sensor on the Amico 39W will still detect movement which can warn you of potential danger.

This product is not difficult to use but may need to be installed by a professional electrician as it does require electricity to power the lights. It’s inexpensive for a durable outdoor spotlight; however, the exterior is made out of plastic so it’s not suitable for areas that are prone to heavy hailstorms.

What’s Included?

In this YouTube unboxing video you can see everything that comes with your product. The spotlights in this video are white in color instead of black and it comes with a standard wall mount.


This product comes in either white or black. The 39W security lights are a lot smaller than most spotlights; however, it can still detect movement from a far distance. The motion sensor is set in the middle of three spotlights and the three spotlights are adjustable, so you can move them up, down or sideways.


  • Black plastic exterior
  • Three adjustable light heads
  • Rectangle shaped fixtures
  • This product can only be mounted
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Infrared sensor
  • Wiring power source
  • Wall mount installation type
  • Energy saving


  • Output of 3500 lumes
  • LED light bulbs
  • Power of 39W
  • Voltage: AC 120 V 50/60Hz
  • Non-dimming
  • Adjustable delay time
  • Adjustable detection distance up to 40 ft.
  • 6000K brightness
  • 180° sensing angle

How to Use This Product

The Amico 39w 3-head spotlights have easy to use adjustable sensors that allow you to change the amount of time the spotlights stay on after detection. You can also adjust the detection range. These adjustments are located at the bottom of the sensor.

The spotlights might need to be installed by a professional electrician.


  • Includes three adjustable heads
  • Very bright; lights up every area
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Great detection distance
  • Weather-resistant build


  • Cannot be used on a dimmer
  • Cannot adjust how long it stays on


There is a multitude of different motion detection spotlights to choose from that won’t  require electricity to function. These are battery-powered spotlights and can either be mounted or placed on the ground.

One such product is the Mr. Beams MB360XT Wireless Battery Operated Outdoor Motion Sensor. This product is a cheaper alternative and doesn’t require a professional electrician to install.


So what are you waiting for? Shine a little light on your world by getting the Amico 39W 3-head LED outdoor security lights by visiting any of your local hardware stores or shopping online. Better security is only one purchase away.

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