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Wi-Fi’s role in the growing hybrid workforce

The rise of the remote workforce has challenged IT teams and network administrators to ensure a smooth Wi-Fi experience for end users and their devices. Since the start of the pandemic, 94% of enterprises have experienced a permanent increase in the number of employees who work from home at least part-time. But work today for most office workers is nearly impossible without a reliable internet connection, and the responsibility to ensure a smooth, reliable internet connection falls mainly to internal IT teams and MSPs, who need to be aware of the latest Wi-Fi technology and the tools available to properly manage and maintain it.

Before the pandemic, just 18% of employees worked from home, according to recent research by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). That figure has risen to 43% of employees today, and is projected to reach 49% by 2025. In addition, 39% of remote staff are hybrid workers who split their time between home and the office, further complicating their Wi-Fi needs.


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