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which smart doorbell fits your home? | TechRadar

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday knocking at the door, it could be the ideal time to upgrade to that video doorbell you’ve always wanted. As one of the original players in this space, Ring knows what it takes to create a great video doorbell, but which model should you buy? 

First, we’ll walk you though everything you need to know about video doorbells. Then we’ll compare the Ring Video Doorbell 2 to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 to find what’s changed – and which one is best for you. 

Video Doorbell FAQs

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What is a video doorbell?

Designed to replace your regular doorbell and sit on your front door or right next to it, a video doorbell has a camera inside. It allows you to check who is ringing on your phone, tablet, or computer without opening the door or peeking out of a window. You can also carry on a two-way conversation with whoever is there.

How do you install a video doorbell?

Ring video doorbells are designed to be easy to install, and everything you need to mount one is included in the box. They have rechargeable batteries inside and connect to your Wi-Fi network. In some cases, they can also be wired in using your existing doorbell wiring, but you may prefer to hire a professional to do that. 

How do you use the Ring video doorbell?

The Ring video doorbell can detect motion and will also alert you when somebody rings the bell. You can receive alerts on your phone, tablet, smart display, or PC. Not only can you see who is there, you can also talk to and hear them thanks to the microphone and speaker.

Does Ring require a subscription?

You can use a Ring Video Doorbell without a subscription, but to get the most from it a subscription is advised. If you want it to record video, for example, and you want to be able to access that video in the cloud for up to 30 days, then you need to pay a monthly fee. 

The competitors

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Ring Video Doorbell 2


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