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Valve has no plans to raise Steam Deck pricing

Valve has announced that there are no plans to increase the price of its Steam Deck handheld despite the huge popularity of the system. In an interview with IGN, Gabe Newell (head of Valve) confirmed that while pricing the petite PC so low had been tricky, he anticipates that the current MSRP will remain fixed for now.

“I mean, part of what you do with pricing is you’re making a promise to customers. […] But we wouldn’t expect to be adjusting the SKU pricing,” Newell said during the interview, though he expressed surprise that the more expensive $649 (around £489 / AU$899) Steam Deck model that features 512GB of NVMe SSD internal storage and an anti-glare etched glass, had outsold the affordable $399 (around £299 / AU$550) entry-level model. 

You’re only getting 64GB of eMMC storage on the entry-level version of the handheld, a type of flash-based internal data storage that’s often found in tablets and smartphones. This is typically cheaper than SSDs, but vastly inferior when working with large files like games, which may have swayed some folks to opt for the pricier flagship Steam Deck model.


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