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The State Of PC Gaming In 2021

By the end of 2021, the video game industry will be worth an estimated $178.73 Billion, according to WEPC. As mobile gaming continues to hold a little over half the market share, PC and consoles sit nearly neck-and-neck. By itself, industry data has PC gaming hitting close to $70 Billion by 2023, between expensive gaming PCs and peripherals like gaming keyboards and monitors. 

There are so many reasons that PC gaming has grown more popular over the last year than ever before.  Unlike consoles like the PS5, a gaming PC will let you get unprecedented graphics and limitless customization.  Plus, there are several advantages like free online play (sans subscription-based titles), a wide variety of PC games, and even some free ones – many of which you can mod. Current-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony utilize buzzwords like “ray tracing” and “SSD.” However, PC gamers have had access to all that technology and more for years already. 

God of War 2018

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Microsoft and Sony try to tackle PC gaming 


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