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See Who’s On Your WiFi (2021)

Do you think someone is using your wireless connection and eating your wifi data secretly ? It can be your neighbour or a stranger next door. If yes there are chances someone hacked your wifi or is used by an unknown anonymously. But don’t worry, you can see who’s on your wifi and  block | restrict a user from wifi and protect it ! 

Change WiFi Password

One should never take their privacy so lightly. Security of wireless connection is the most vital thing as hackers can access users’ data sharing the same wifi connection. If you feel something suspicious about your internet connection, consider changing your wifi password and restricting unknown users from using it. Moreover, this tutorial can help parents limit their kids from using the internet, but it’s not fair kids are cute ! 🥺

Note: This article is only for educational purposes; please don’t use this tutorial to bother someone or for revenge purposes. Only block unknown users, don’t kick your friends or family members from the internet to annoy them or for fun ! 😂

How To Block A WiFi User ?

block a wifi user
Block A WiFi User

Monitor the users connected to your wireless network and restrict them from using the internet. Before you move to the actual guide, you will need to access the router setup page in order to manage access control settings. To login to router admin panel, make sure you are up with the following necessary requirements:

If the mentioned login IP addresses don’t work for you, you can find router IP address and login into the router and configure it’s settings. Let’s begin with router login:

Login To Router Admin Panel

Open any browser and make sure you are connected to the wireless connection. Type your IP address in the browser’s address bar and hit the go button. Once you are on the login page, you will need to enter the login username and password to proceed to the setup page where one can do all major configurations like wireless and security settings.

See Who’s On Your WiFi

There’s a possibility some tech geek next door watching netflix or downloading tons of gigabytes of games using your internet. It can slow hell out of your network, and even if it doesn’t, it is not safe to have an unknown person messing around with your internet.

Someone with knowledge can easily get access to sensitive information you have no idea of. For example, I can see private addresses of all the connected users to my friends and family’s internet by having access to the router’s console. Therefore it is essential to protect your wireless safe from everyone. Here’s how you can see connected users:

  • Navigate to the wireless section of the router, here you will find an option named something like access or parental controls, open the access control section:

wireless access controlwireless access control

  • Tap the show connected devices button to see all the connected devices along with their information like addresses, type, interface and their current status:

show connected devicesshow connected devices

  • Select the device which you want to block by adding it to the managed devices:

restrict a user from wifirestrict a user from wifi

  • Once a device is added to managed devices, it will be added to block list and tap the saved changes button to confirm the settings. Have a look at the screenshot below that the device is successfully added to the block list:

unblock a wifi userunblock a wifi user

This restricts the blocked device from using the internet immediately after saving the changes. The device will be disconnected from the wifi and will not be able to connect again until you remove it from managed devices. To unblock a device, simply remove it from block list and save the changes. You can also watch the video tutorial:

Restrict A WiFi User ? (Video)

There are plenty of third-party apps available for all operating system using which you can use access control and manage the users connected to the wireless connection more efficiently. You can give some application a try and see if it works better for you.

Create Guest WiFi Network !

Now you know how to control a wireless connection to its fullest. You can restrict a wifi user from using the internet if you feel someone is using it without your consent. But you need to keep in mind that you always use this tutorial for good purposes, not for revenge or fun. If you have any issues or questions, the comment section is for you.

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