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How To Setup & Use ? (2021)

Do you hesitate to share the password of your primary wireless connection with your friends or family ? Or you have guests, but you don’t want to share the password of your main wifi ! You can simply  create guest wifi network  for their usage !

People visiting you often ask you what your wifi password is ? To protect your privacy and maintain your wireless network’s security, you can create a guest network instead of sharing your secret and unique password. It is temporary, reliable, safer, and a boon to your privacy. Let’s see how you will set up a guest wifi network ! 😍

Guest WiFi (Features)

There are a lot of features of using the guest wifi networks ! Here’s are some top benefits and why to use guest connection instead of sharing primary access:

You can limit the number of that can connect with your wireless network. Users using the guest wifi network cannot access the admin page; therefore, any modifications in your router is not possible, and your data and privacy is 100% safe !

Your primary network’s password stays private as there is no need to share it with others. You may have something personal as your password; therefore, you should consider having a simple key and sharing it to connect guest wifi !

The best thing about guest wifi is that a guest users can not peep into your private network. They don’t have any privileges to access any type data from the main network as they are connected to the internet  created by a separate connection !

Guest WiFi Network (Requirements)

Creating a guest network is quite simple, and even a beginner can do it easily and without any hassle. But there are some requirements to make a guest wifi connection:

  •  Login IP Address   Find Router IP Address 
  •  Router’s Wireless Connection 
  •  (Login Credentials) Username & Password 

The login IP address is mostly &, but if it does not work, you can always find router IP address and log in to the admin panel without any issues. The login credentials are required to log in and can be found in the router manual itself or our default router passwords list ! Also, make sure you are connected to the wireless connection of the your router before moving on with the tutorial ahead !

Create Guest WiFi Network

 To create a guest wireless connection, follow the steps below: 

  • Login in to the router’s admin panel ! Enter the login IP address in browser’s search bar

Setup Guest WiFi Guest (Video)

Guest WiFi (FAQ)

  •  How To Connect With The Guest WiFi Connection ? 
You will see that the guest wifi connection you created will be open and not asking any password. Tap the guest wireless connection, and you will see a page requesting a key to connect, enter the password you created while setting up the guest wifi !

  •  How Do I Disable The Guest WiFi Connection ? 

Yes, you can just simply head to the router’s wireless settings and navigate to the guest wifi settings. From here, turn the button off in front of the guest network !

That’s how you set up and use a guest wifi connection ! Now you can avoid sharing the private password to your primary wireless connection. If you don’t have any purpose of using guest connections, why not create a wifi connection with a funny name for fun !

Having any issues or question ? Feel free to use the comment section below ! If you find this article helpful, share it with the ones who can use and benefit from it ! Thanks ! 🙂

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