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Best mesh WiFi routers 2021: the best wireless mesh routers for large homes

Expand your network coverage to every corner of your space with the best mesh Wi-Fi router 2021 has to offer. Especially if you have a bigger home or office, this fairly new breed of routers will ensure that you’ll no longer suffer from weak spots and an overwhelmed network. That’s due to their inherent design: instead of a single unit, a mesh router is made up of one main router and several satellite units that you can strategically place throughout your area of coverage. That allows them to deliver a robust and uninterrupted connection throughout your space.

Sure, you can stick to your aging router and invest in a Wi-Fi extender instead. However, one of these mesh Wi-Fi routers offer a simpler, more seamless, and more efficient solution. That’s especially if you’ve been considering getting on the Wi-Fi 6 bandwagon, as many of them support the latest wireless technology. And, don’t let the multi-unit setup intimidate you. Many, like the Google Nest Wifi, are designed with your convenience in mind, offering effortless setup.

Whether it’s a large space or an overcrowded network solution you’re looking for, excellent mesh Wi-Fi routers are a stellar way to upgrade your network. To set you off to a great start, we tested quite a few of them and gathered the best ones below, alongside our price comparison tool so you can score the best deal while you’re at it.

The Google Nest Wifi combines Google Home and Wi-Fi in the same product. (Image credit: Google)

1. Google Nest Wifi

Google Wifi and Home together at long last


Speed: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/5 GHz simultaneous dual-band

Connectivity: Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

Features: Advanced security chip, Nest Wifi point with Google Assistant, privacy control

Reasons to buy

+Excellent design+Smart speaker(s) included+Even simpler controls

Reasons to avoid

No major performance gainsNot worth replacing existing mesh


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