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Xbox Resolver – IP Puller and Xbox Gamertag Finder

Xbox resolver is an IP resolver tool designed to find IP address and usernames of the Xbox players by capturing and sniffing the data packets from the database. It resolves the iP address and converts the IP to it’s relevant gamer tag and vice versa. This works on the same principle as the DNS works where each domain is running on a specific IP address that translated by the internet browser.

In Xbox resolver, there’s need for a central database server with all the Xbox usernames access but the Microsoft don’t let the others access this private information from the database. So, it makes unable for some gamertags to resolve.

ARP spoofing technique comes handy in this situation which is any gamer over the network can sniff the data packets transmitted over their network. By capturing the packets from the network Xbox devices, one can easily pull up IP address of the live Xbox gamer. It can include the ISP information like IP, country and city of the gamer connected from.


There’s plenty of things you can do with this resolver but some of the most prominent and exciting features are the following ones.

Advanced Xbox Gamertag Resolver 

This tool allows the gamers to find the gamertag of the users from a specific IP address and vise versa to find IP addresses of any specific player in their party chat or in-game session.

It’s one of the powerful and advanced Xbox resolver tool that captures packets of Game server IP and Xbox chat in an efficient way.

DNS Network Settings

It helps to boost up the xbox connection speed and also how to change the DNS network settings easily without any worries.

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Ever wondered how to perform Denial of Service attacks on the gamers? With the help of this xbox resolver players can perform the DDos’ing on other players to turn them offline from the network.

Easy to Use GUI interface

GUI interface of this tool is really easy to understand and work with that even any non-tech user can understand and perform operations easily. Super friendly GUI interface lets you find all the packets you are looking for.

Xbox Resolver – IP Puller and Xbox Gamertag Finder

In order to get started with resolving the IP address, you need to meet the following requirements.

  1. .Net Framework 4.5.2 (.NET Framework with Large Library)
  2. C++ Redistributable Package 2010 (Installs C++ Libraries)
  3. NPcap (Nmap Packet Sniffer)
  4. WIN10PCAP (Packet Sniffer Library)
  5. A PC with stable internet connection.

How IP Puller or Xbox Gamertag works?

Here’s detailed step by step guide on how IP puller or Xbox gamertag works. Follow all the steps as mentioned below.

  • Once you have installed all the required tools, we need to make some network configurations. We need to disable IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6). To do so, goto Start >> Settings >> Network and Internet and click on Change Network Adapter Options button.
  • Right click on the Internet connection and scroll down to the Internet Protocal Version 6 (IPv6) and un-check it as shown below.
  • Once you have disabled the IPv6, download Xbox Resolver. You can also use the Lanc Remastered or Octosniff instead of this resolver which works in the same way as it does. Extract the downloaded file using any extraction software like winrar.
  • Run the program named as Xbox Resolver.exe and you will be prompted to it’s GUI window.
  • Choose the network adapter to wifi or wired network. After choosing network, tick the ARP Spoofing and Filter option.
  • Next step is to get your Xbox IP address. To get that, goto Settings > Network Settings > Get IP Information. Copy your IP and put it in the ARP Spoofing section.
  • Now enter the source IP to your Xbox IP and in the destination port, enter the Xbox Port 3074. Do not change the from address as it should be your default gateway IP address. Make sure it’s your default router’s gateway IP.
  • At last, verify all the things are configured correctly and start Xbox party with other players. As soon as other players join party, click on the Start button.

Note: In the Connections Tab you will start to noticing all the IP addresses coming through. Locate the IP address that corresponds to our specified Xbox port in the Protocol Tab and it will show the Xbox Live service.

As you find the IP address, navigate to the IP Multi Tool Tab for pinging, finding the GEO location or doing a Port Scan on any of the IP address to fetch more detailed information. If there’s something not working for you with this tool, you can try some of the other best IP Pullers for Xbox and PlayStation resolver.


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