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WarZone RAT – Native C++ Remote Administration Tool

WarZone RAT is an advanced and one of the most powerful remote administration tools ever developed. It’s developed in native language is C++. Warzone RAT is highly capable of taking over the remote devices for administrative user and avail all the super user permission to the remote device without getting noticed by the target user. It allows the attacker to take full control of the system with it’s easy to use GUI interface. It has many powerful features that grants attacker full administrator access to the remote computer.


WarZone RAT Features

  • Compatible with every Windows Operating System
  • Completely stable
  • High Reliability
  • Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
  • Stub developed in Native C++
  • Encrypted communication/transmissions
  • Administrator privilege escalation
  • Bypass UAC (User Access Control)
  • Remote WebCam to record live video of the victim
  • Capture passwords from web-browsers and email apps
  • Powerful Remote Desktop with 60 FPS
  • Even use mouse and keyboard to control remote computers
  • Fully Stealth Mode (Take over a Computer Remotely with Stealth mode, even doesn’t show up in startup). It won’t get any suspicious.
  • High powered file manager to copy and transfer huge files instantly
  • Remotely download files on target’s system and execute invisibly
  • Remote Shell
  • Key-logger to store and see real time keystrokes of the victim
  • Access computer with Reverse Proxy

WarZone RAT Download

Click here to download this ultimate powered WarZone RAT full version. Password is H4H.

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