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Top 5 best couple games to play on Xbox

When you invite a friend or a group of friends for a visit, there is always the challenge of choosing a type of entertainment, so here to the rescue comes such activities as watching movies, singing karaoke, playing board games and of course the Xbox. This is always a great and easy way to have fun while at home. However, very often, the choice of a cool game can take a lot of time, and in order to avoid this, we have prepared for you a list of the top five games that you can play with a friend, your husband, wife, maybe even with your child in case you have one.

1. Forza Horizon 3

Let’s start with one of the most popular genres among the Xbox games – racing. This Forza Horizon game is famous for its high quality graphics and animation that fully immerses you into the atmosphere, and of course for its collection of the best racing cars in the world. There you will have to participate in racing competitions driving both off roads and on the highways, rivaling your partner for supremacy.

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2. A way out

This is a unique game that is designed much like a quest. The main characters of the game are two brothers who are imprisoned and are planning their prison escape. So that you should cooperate together with a partner to accomplish the game’s main aim since there are several challenges along the route that force the brothers to act in unison. From the very first minutes, the high quality animation and sound music immerse you in the world of the game.

3. Rayman

Without further ado, we recommend that you immediately begin playing Rayman if you haven’t already, since it is one of the finest Xbox games of the previous generation. This is a fascinating and creative game that always tries to amaze its players. There are numerous weird and adorable worlds and places, just like villages made of sweets and cakes, dark forests, and ancient castles. The game could be played by up to four players simultaneously and would be exciting for both kids and adults as well.

4. Lovers in a dangerous spacetime

In case you are one of those fans of the Star Wars, then you will definitely enjoy this game. Here you and your crew spaceship will travel to a galaxy with a vibrant neon aesthetic to save the planet from another menace. You may use your imagination and flexibility to create your own galaxy spacecraft, which you and your companion will onboard to explore other worlds and battle darkness. In the game, you and your partner should cooperate to operate the spacecraft and fight with alien ships.

5. Unravel 2

A cozy and colorful game tells the story about the two tiny crocheted humans who travel through a magical world. Unravel is one of the adventure games where you won’t find battles, fights or tension, though the main goal is a meaningful contemplation. There aren’t many games where you can find deep meaning, but this is where the storyline teaches us such important values such as friendship and mutual support. The developers of the game were inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian nature, which is why it is even more pleasant to see the picturesque landscapes on the screen, even though the world is fictional.

We suggest you not to waste time, and invite your friends over for a visit in order to try out each game and find which one you like the most. We wish you good luck!


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