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PSN Resolver Free Download – PlayStation Resolver IP Puller

Download the Best PSN Resolver and resolve the IP address of the PlayStation players with this PlayStation Resolver. 

When it comes to PSN or PS4 resolver, this tool leads the race and proves to be one of the best psn and playstation resolver. It lets the users to find other party users through associated IP addresses and vise versa finds the IP address of a username and makes sure to identify which packets are coming from that specific user.

About PSN Resolver

PSN resolver are the tools that convert the PSN and PlayStation player usernames to IP address and also from IP address to username as well. It works on the same principle as the DNS where each domain is running on a specific IP address that translated by the internet browser. In PSN resolver, there’s required a central database server with all the PSN usernames access but the company don’t let the others access this private information from the database. So, it makes unable for some usernames to resolve.

To understand it’s working assume the DNS (Domain Name System) working. Whenever a user tries to open up a website in their internet browser, the DNS resolver is contacted and grabs the IP address of that specific domain you requested for.  DNS resolver is a decentralized system in which each time resolver access the server for the requested address and sends it back to the browser in response.

The DNS resolver connected on your machine is chosen automatically by your Internet Service Provider. We can also configure these DNS network provider settings on our own if we want to. These settings can be configured in the Network settings.


In order to get started with PSN resolver, you need to meet the following requirements.

Once you have installed all the required tools, make some network configurations. We need to de-activate IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6). To do so, goto Settings >> Network Internet and click on Change Network Adapter Options button.

Right click on the Active Internet Connection and scroll the list down to find the IPv6 option. It will be checked by default. Just uncheck it and hit the OK button to save changes. Now restart the machine and download the PSN resolver from the below download section.

After downloading, unzip it and run the PSN resolver.exe.


PSN Resolver - Playstation Resolver - PS4 Resolver

After running it, you will land into it’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) window. In this window, select your Network Adapter and check the ARP Spoofing option and Filter.

Now move onto your console’s Settings >> Network Settings and note down the IP address and put it back onto the ARP Spoofing window in PSN resolver. Do not forget the open ports for the best results. Fill in the source IP in the console settings and configure the Port 9307 for PlayStation and 3074 for Xbox. And the from address will be the default gateway. Make sure to verify all the settings.

Create or join the party on your console and once anybody joins the party, click on Start and you will notice the IP addresses coming through under the Connections Tab. Check the IP which is forwarded to the Port we opened. It will show the live PSN or Xbox service.

As you find the IP address you can use the IP Multi Tool tab on the PSN resolver to ping and find open ports on any specific IP or find more information about the IP address. Also you can turn a player to offline via DDoS attack.

Download PSN Resolver – PlayStation Resolver IP Puller

Click here to download and start resolving the IP address and take advantage over the other gamers.

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