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Photography Hacks that will Dramatically Improve Your Photos

In photography, you must understand that 80% of your results would come from 20% of your efforts. If you want to improve the quality of the photographs, then you have to learn professional hacks.

Photography is a unique skill, and you would not find many people who would be willing to teach you how to excel as a photographer.

This is why we have listed the important tips and tricks in this post that can help you improve your photos like a pro. You are also going to learn about the best use of Lomography filters for better customization of photos!

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If you are interested in learning the best photography hacks, then read on this post.

Best Photography Hacks Surprisingly Improve Your Pictures

Here are some professional hacks that you should know about if you really want to be a good photographer. It doesn’t matter where you are using a smartphone or a DSLR for photography, as these tips are going to be helpful for you either way.

  • Turn the auto flash feature off

In almost every camera device, you are going to see the flashlight option. This flash option is set to automatic by default, and it simply starts working even if the device is slightly in the darkness. Now you must know that a flashlight can ruin the quality of the image. Images taken without flash are far more appealing than the ones with an auto flashlight. The pictures taken with flash are not blurry because it freezes the objects in place, but you must know that it can give an unnatural look to the image.

  • Get close to the subject instead of zooming it

Most amateur photographers make a common mistake because they try to capture photos from a distance to take in the maximum view. Well, what you have to understand is that taking a photo of a subject from a distance will make it confusing and less attractive. The best way to photograph an object or certain subjects is by getting close to your focus point and then zooming out your lens.

This is one of the most important tips in this section. As a growing photographer, you have to understand that the best images are the ones that are simple as soup. You have to try and find simple backgrounds in which the subject gets most of the room. So if you want to improve your photos dramatically fast, start eliminating the clutter and start focusing on minimalistic and clean spaces. Whenever you are taking photos of a person, you have to make sure that there is a clean background so that the image would not distract the viewer from the subject.

  • Look for repeating patterns

Looking for repeating patterns is a learned professional skill in photography. If someone tells you that you have to eye for the right patterns, they are simply kidding you. When you are walking around, you have to notice buildings or objects that have repeating patterns. Repeating patterns are the cool ones and can greatly impact the outcome of your photos. Finding the right patterns is more important than using Lomography filters in photography.

  • Shoot from different perspectives

Sometimes, when you are shooting an object and not getting satisfied with how the photos look, you have to try other interesting perspectives. Most viewers would see the image from the eye level where the photographer would be standing, but this would not make your photography dramatic. You have to look for different angles that would enhance the image’s subject and appeal to the viewer. Unique points are always going to interest the viewer.

Taking raw photos does not always work. Instead of just clicking pictures, you have to make sure that you straighten the lines. Try to take some time and adjust the horizontal lines as horizontal and vertical ones to vertical. Lining up with the subject is the best way to avoid editing and customization jobs. People try using camera filters to adjust and straighten the image’s view and focus, but using these filters is just compromising the originality of the image.

You might have heard of Lomography filters but what you don’t know is that Lomography is a complete genre in professional photography and is also in trend these days. This photography technique involves taking pictures with minimal attention to the technical aspects and details. If you don’t want to work on the genre manually, you can download and use the camera filters apps on Google Playstore for this purpose! Once you use the Lomography filters, you would see how they can beautify your photos. You can also use this professional camera filter app to remove unwanted details from the background.

These are some of the simple, understandable, and important hacks for better photography!


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