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Parenting Hacks: Best Iphone Apps For Parents

Discover the best iPhone apps for parents that’ll make parenting a breeze. From organizing schedules to fostering learning, these apps have got your back!

In this fast-paced digital age, the role of parenting has evolved significantly, and so have the tools available to parents. The advent of smartphones, particularly the iPhone, has opened up a world of possibilities for moms and dads seeking to streamline and enhance their parenting experience. With an array of innovative and incredibly useful apps at their fingertips, parents can now navigate the challenges of raising children with newfound ease and efficiency.

This article, “best iPhone apps for parents,” is your gateway to a realm of parenting solutions that are as diverse as the families they serve. Whether you’re a new parent trying to establish routines, a tech-savvy mom seeking to foster responsible device use in your teenagers, or a busy working dad aiming to simplify your family’s day-to-day life, there’s an app for that.

We’ll delve into the world of parenting apps, and explore the best iPhone apps for parents. These apps offer invaluable insights into how these digital tools can make your life as a parent not only more manageable but also more enjoyable.

Exploring the best iPhone apps for parents

Parenting is no easy task, but with the right tools, it can become more manageable and enjoyable. Explore the best iPhone apps for parents designed to simplify schedules, boost learning, and enhance family life.

best iPhone apps for parentsbest iPhone apps for parents
best iPhone apps for parents
  • Cozi family organizer
  • Life360
  • OurPact
  • BabyCenter pregnancy & baby
  • PBS Kids games
  • Artkive
  • Kinedu: Baby development app
  • RedRover
  • ChoreMonster
  • Sprout baby

Cozi family organizer

Cozi is your ultimate family management app. It consolidates all your family’s schedules, to-do lists, and shopping lists in one place. The app simplifies coordinating activities among family members and ensures everyone is on the same page. It’s an efficient way to organize family life, from school events to grocery shopping, making it a must-have for busy parents.


Life360 is a family location app that transforms your iPhone into a safety device for your loved ones. With it, you can create a private family network and keep track of everyone’s whereabouts. You can receive notifications when family members arrive or leave specific places, making it an excellent tool for ensuring your family’s safety and staying connected.



OurPact is a leading parental control app, designed to help parents manage and monitor their children’s screen time. You can set screen time schedules, block access to specific apps or websites, and track app usage. With OurPact, parents can strike a balance between technology and quality family time while ensuring safe and responsible device use for their kids.


Expecting parents will find the BabyCenter app invaluable. It offers a wealth of information on pregnancy and parenting, including articles, baby development updates, and a supportive community through forums. Stay informed about each stage of your pregnancy and connect with other parents to share experiences and insights. For this reason it is one of the best iPhone apps for parents who are expecting.

PBS Kids Games:

PBS Kids Games is an educational app with fun games and videos for children. It’s designed to help kids learn through play and covers many subjects and skills. Parents can use it to make sure their children have fun while they learn.


If you’re a parent who treasures your child’s artwork but struggles with the clutter, Artkive is the answer. You can use it to turn your kids’ artwork into digital files and arrange them. Just take photos of their artwork and keep them in a digital format that’s easy to access. Artkive is a great way to cherish your child’s creativity without the need for physical storage.


Kinedu is also one of the best iPhone apps for parents with infants. It provides daily activity plans and tracks your baby’s developmental milestones. The app is designed to help parents foster their child’s growth and learning effectively. Kinedu offers personalized suggestions for age-appropriate activities, ensuring your baby’s developmental needs are met.


If you’re looking for family-friendly activities and events in your area, RedRover is the app to have. It connects parents with local outings and adventures suitable for the whole family. Find nearby activities, plan fun excursions, and discover new places that your family can explore together. RedRover is a great resource for family bonding and making memories.


Turning chores into a game, ChoreMonster is an app designed to motivate children to complete their tasks. Parents create a list of chores with corresponding point values, and kids can earn rewards for their efforts. This system adds an element of fun to daily responsibilities and helps teach kids about responsibility.

Sprout Baby

For parents with newborns or infants, Sprout Baby is an all-in-one parenting app that tracks everything from growth and feeding schedules to sleep patterns and diaper changes. It’s a comprehensive tool to help you stay on top of your baby’s care, and it offers insights and reminders to make your parenting journey easier.

These iPhone apps cover a wide range of parenting needs, making life easier and more enjoyable for parents in the digital age. Whether you’re organizing your family’s schedule, ensuring your child’s safety, promoting education and creativity, or simply making everyday tasks more manageable, these apps have you covered.

What parental app works with the iPhone?

Several parental control apps work seamlessly with iPhones, providing parents with valuable tools to monitor and manage their children’s device usage. One such app is “OurPact.” is considered one of the best iphone apps for parents. In this article we will explore:

  • OurPact
  • Screen time scheduling
  • App and website blocking
  • Family locator
  • Breaks and bedtime
  • Emergency access
  • Cross-platform compatibility


OurPact is one of the best screen time apps that is compatible with iPhones. It’s designed to help parents strike a balance between screen time and quality family moments, all while ensuring a safe digital environment for their children.

Here’s how it works:

Screen time scheduling

With OurPact, parents can set schedules for their children’s screen time. This means you can specify when devices can be used and when they should be off-limits. For instance, you can set up “homework hours” to ensure your child focuses on studies.

App and website blocking

OurPact allows you to block access to specific apps and websites, which can be particularly useful to prevent access to inappropriate content or limit time spent on social media or gaming apps. This feature ensures that your child only has access to age-appropriate and educational content.

Family locator

The app also includes a family locator feature, which lets you see your child’s real-time location. This can be reassuring for parents to ensure their child’s safety and know where they are at any given time.

Breaks and bedtime

OurPact offers the ability to enforce “breaks” during which screen time is paused, allowing your child to take a breather. Additionally, you can set a bedtime schedule, ensuring devices are inactive during sleeping hours.

Emergency access

In case of an emergency or urgent need, OurPact provides a quick, one-touch way for children to send a request to parents for temporary access to their devices. This ensures that critical communication can still occur when needed.

Cross-platform compatibility

Importantly, OurPact is available not only on iPhone but also on Android devices, making it versatile for families with mixed-device households.

Overall, OurPact offers a comprehensive set of tools for parents to manage their children’s digital activities, from limiting screen time to ensuring safe online experiences. It empowers parents to find the right balance between tech use and quality family time, making it a valuable asset in today’s digital age.

Empowering parents: iPhone parental control apps and responsible monitoring

We will explore:

  • iPhone parental spyware
  • Parental control on apps

iPhone parental spywareiPhone parental spyware

iPhone parental spyware

iPhone parental spyware refers to specialized software that allows parents to monitor and track the activities of their child’s iPhone. These tools can be quite powerful, but it’s important to use them responsibly, ethically, and within the boundaries of the law.

Parental spyware applications are designed to assist parents in keeping a watchful eye on their child’s digital behavior. They typically provide features like call and message monitoring, location tracking, and access to web browsing history. This can help parents ensure that their child is using their device safely and responsibly.

However, it’s crucial to note that the use of parental spyware should be transparent and based on mutual trust between parents and children. It should not be used to invade a child’s privacy or engage in covert surveillance.

Parental control apps on iPhone

Parental control apps are a more responsible and legal way to manage and monitor a child’s iPhone usage. These apps offer a range of features to help parents create a safer and more controlled digital environment for their children.

Some common features of parental control apps for iPhone include:

  • Parents can set daily or weekly limits on screen time, ensuring that children don’t spend excessive hours on their devices.
  • These apps allow parents to block access to specific apps and websites. This feature can be used to prevent access to inappropriate content or limit time spent on games and social media.
  • Parental control apps often include content filtering, which helps block or filter out explicit or harmful content.
  • Some apps enable parents to create virtual boundaries (geofences) and receive alerts when their child enters or leaves these areas. This can be useful for tracking a child’s location.
  • Parents can view reports of their child’s device usage, including the apps used and the time spent on them.
  • Many parental control apps can be managed remotely, allowing parents to make adjustments or check in on their child’s device from their own device.

Unlocking safety: Is there an app to control my child’s iPhone?

Absolutely, several apps are available for parents who want to manage and control their child’s iPhone usage. These apps provide the tools needed to strike a balance between allowing children to explore the digital world and ensuring they do so responsibly. The apps below are considered some of the best iPhone apps for parents.

  • OurPact
  • Qustodio
  • Apple’s screen time


OurPact is a comprehensive parental control app that covers screen time management, app blocking, and location tracking. It allows parents to set schedules for device usage and provides insights into their child’s online activities.



Qustodio is another popular parental control app that offers a range of features for iOS devices. It helps parents manage screen time, block inappropriate content, and track their child’s online behavior.

Apple’s screen time

Apple provides its own built-in parental control feature called Screen Time. It enables parents to set limits on app usage, view activity reports, and establish content restrictions. This is a native iPhone feature and doesn’t require a separate app.

These apps help parents teach their kids how to use devices responsibly and safely. It’s vital for parents to pick the app that suits their family’s needs and values while keeping the lines of communication open with their children about using digital devices wisely.

What is the best app to monitor a teenager’s iphone?

Norton Family is a strong yet easy and one of the best iPhone apps for parents that is simple to use. It offers various features to help parents monitor their teenager’s online actions closely. With Norton Family, you can:

Set time limits

Manage your teenager’s screen time by setting daily or weekly usage limits, ensuring they strike a balance between their digital and offline lives.

Web supervision

Block inappropriate websites and track the websites your teenager visits, protecting them from potentially harmful content.

Search supervision

Monitor their online search queries and receive alerts about any potential concerns or unsafe content.

Location tracking

Keep track of your teenager’s whereabouts with location monitoring features, allowing you to ensure their safety and know their location.

Social media monitoring

Norton Family offers insight into your teenager’s social media activities, helping you understand their interactions on platforms like Facebook.

Text message supervision

Norton Family is an effective tool for fostering responsible online behavior while protecting your teenager from potential online risks. It’s essential to strike a balance between monitoring and respecting their privacy keeping the lines of communication open to build trust and mutual understanding.

What is Famisafe iPhone monitoring?

FamiSafe is a great iPhone monitoring app, famous for being easy to use and packed with features that assist parents in keeping their children safe in the online world. Here’s a simple overview:


  • FamiSafe empowers parents to set daily screen time limits for their children’s iPhones. It ensures that kids don’t spend excessive hours on their devices and provides a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.
  • With this app, parents can block specific apps or limit their usage. Additionally, FamiSafe provides insight into which apps the child is using the most, helping parents understand their digital habits.
  • FamiSafe offers web filtering to block access to inappropriate websites and content. This feature safeguards children from harmful online material.
  • Parents can track their child’s real-time location and set geofences to receive alerts when the child enters or leaves specific areas, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • FamiSafescans for potentially concerning or suspicious messages on the child’s device, providing parents with notifications about any flagged content.
  • Parents can access comprehensive activity reports that detail the child’s device usage, including screen time and app activity. These reports help parents stay informed about their child’s digital behavior.

FamiSafe offers a well-rounded set of features to monitor and guide your child’s digital experiences while respecting their privacy. Open communication about the reasons for using such an app is vital to maintaining a trusting parent-child relationship. Monitor text messages to be aware of who your teenager is communicating with and identify any concerning messages.

FAQs: Best iPhone apps for parents

Does Apple have a parental control app?

Apple offers built-in parental control features like Screen Time, available on all iOS devices, to help parents manage and monitor their child’s device usage.

How can I monitor my child’s iPhone for free?

You can use Apple’s Screen Time feature to monitor and manage your child’s iPhone usage at no additional cost. It offers a range of parental control options.

What is Screen Time?

Screen Time is a native iOS feature that allows parents to set screen time limits, block or restrict specific apps and content, and receive activity reports on their child’s device usage.

Can I track my child’s location using Screen Time?

Yes, Screen Time includes location tracking features that allow parents to see their child’s location when they share it via the Find My app.

How do I monitor my child’s iPhone without them knowing?

It’s essential to maintain open communication with your child about monitoring their device. Ideally, they should be aware of the monitoring, as transparency and trust are crucial.

Is it possible to monitor my child’s iPhone remotely?

Most parental control apps, including Apple’s Screen Time, can be managed remotely from the parent’s device, allowing you to make adjustments and check device activity.


In the digital age, these best iPhone apps for parents have transformed the parenting landscape, simplifying daily routines, promoting responsible tech use, and fostering family unity. As we harness the power of technology, we embark on an exciting journey towards creating a harmonious and efficient family life. With these innovative tools in hand, the adventure of modern parenting becomes not just manageable but truly exhilarating!

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