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How to stay safe in an online casino

For any regular players at an online casino one of the biggest factors in which casino you choose to play at is how safe you feel playing. It is important to the player, and indeed the casino, that players can have fun, deposit and withdraw cash easily, and play without worrying about the security of their payment details and personal information. Learning how to stay safe in an online casino is vital to the long-term success of a brand and its players.

With the huge quantities of data and information being processed across the world on a daily basis, and in every facet of life, the safety and security of anything we do online is more important than ever before. When it comes to enjoying an online casino, what are the different ways that you can stay safe in an online casino? 

The safety criteria of an online casino


The safety and security at your chosen online casino must be of the highest quality to gain your trust and long-term commitment. This is due to the fact that in order to play at any online casino you need to provide some personal information, including payment details to deposit and withdraw money. In some countries, such as the Netherlands with iDeal, online casinos offer a familiar and safe payment portal for players, and in other countries you’ll notice familiar payment methods that are secure. If something feels ‘off’ with a payment process, you are less likely to trust the casino.

Is the online casino licensed?


There are different regulatory concerns in each country in terms of online gambling and casinos. You should only choose to play at an online casino that has a valid licence that you can view. Does the casino regularly audit and provide that type of information, and can you see the ownership details of the casino? Transparency of ownership and processes is an important way to gain the trust of a customer base.

Security credentials


Knowing that there is a technical security department looking after all data processes and security is a big plus point for an online casino. With so much personal information and payment details being processed and stored at all times, there is a need for casinos to have a reputable security process. Encryption of your personal data and financial information is vital to keep information as secure as possible.

Good customer service support


A good online casino with strong safety credentials should always include fantastic customer service support. For a customer, knowing that there is 24/7 support in the form of a live chat function, along with phone support and email support, ensures that they feel safe and welcomed. With great customer service channels, a faster response to any query type is expected, and when you combine this with highly trained and empathetic customer support staff, it keeps safety levels high. If a casino highlights good practice in terms of being aware of players chasing losses and preventing problematic gambling habits, it is a good online casino to choose. 

Be aware of suspicious promotions and offers


If you receive unsolicited emails or pop-up ads that promise you big winnings and promotions, should you click on the link, always take a step back and think about what you are doing. There is a good chance it is a scam in the first place, and if it is genuinely from a real online casino that you have used in the past, aggressive marketing tactics such as this are not a good look and should warn you off playing at that particular online casino.

Fair and fun games


Playing games at the online casino is what it is all about. You want to have fun playing the online slots, online blackjack and all the other casino games available. If the games are not fair though, this is a sign of a bad online casino. Check that there is a fair process in place that keeps the outcome of online games random, rather than predetermined. This isn’t a problem with the live casino games, as these are played live in front of you, with real-life human dealers, but it has been known for bad online casinos to offer rigged games that are not fair to play.

The next time you are searching for a safe and secure online casino to play your favourite table game, the online slots, or any other type of casino game, make sure that you choose a reputable brand that has the relevant licences and security processes in place. The popularity of online casinos continues to rise. With your personal information and payment data required to play at an online casino, feeling safe and secure with what you share and how you deposit and withdraw cash is an important part of how you choose where to play.

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