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How Students Can Get an Online Cyber Security Degree?

The world of technology is currently growing at a rapid rate. With over 2.4 million apps launched in the year 2016, the evolution and growth of technology doesn’t seem to have a possible end in sight or a decline in the upcoming years.

Due to this, along with the greater number of loopholes created during the coding process, many applications have been used as a backdoor for breaking into users’ devices to steal sensitive information.

Data protection is an important aspect of business practices too. Many brands use different ways to pass information to their target audience that delivers industry updates about cybersecurity. For this, they often hire a reliable essay writer to help pass the message without the challenges of industry jargons.

With that in mind, there is a need to provide security systems and specialists to help protect this sensitive information. Cybersecurity is a crucial part of the emerging world because it provides an important role in securing information systems through investigating, analyzing, monitoring, and managing security systems.

In this article, we’ll explain how students can get a cyber security degree online, which courses are better to take, and the timing required to obtain it and kickstart your career.

Understanding Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems and internet-connected networks from cyber threats or digital attacks.

With the increasing number of apps released yearly, users are actively looking for a way to protect their sensitive information from being stolen, resold, or collected by tech companies or criminals.

With a strong cybersecurity system, users can be protected against all malicious attacks that have been designed to access, change, delete, destroy or extort an organization’s or user’s systems and sensitive data.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Degree

Cybersecurity is important to individuals and businesses alike due to the availability and use of sensitive information. The benefits of cybersecurity include:

  • Protection against cyber-attacks and cyber threats for individuals and businesses.
  • Protection of data and networks.
  • Prevention of unauthorized users.
  • Protection of end-users and their devices.
  • Business continuity.
  • Compliance with regulation.
  • Improved confidence in the company’s reputation.

Cyber security experts are in high demand, and more of them are needed to prevent digital attacks and breaches.

Due to the present growth rate of the tech industry and its projected increase in the upcoming years, a cyber security degree is one of the most coveted degrees being awarded in institutions worldwide.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Cybersecurity Degree?

To help students who want to gain a online cyber security degree, you certainly want to know how to become a cyber security professional and how long it will take to get into this field .

The good news for cyber security graduates is that you’ll have no problem securing a well-paying job once they are done with their studies.

So, for students starting with a limited background, it takes two to four years to get an entry-level position if you focus on education, experience, certifications, and security clearance

For most online cyber security degrees, however, it takes 4 years and 120 credits to complete the full course. However, with previous college credits or Advanced Placements scores, you can get this degree faster.

Bear in mind that these numbers only work for students taking at least 15 credits per semester. For students taking any less than 15 credits, the cyber security degree will take longer to get.

Where Can You Get a Cyber Security Degree?

As a student who wants to get a cyber security degree, thinking of where to obtain one is the next course of action. Here are two ways you can use to get this degree:


You can get a cyber security degree by enrolling in a physical campus for a part-time or full-time study program. The advantage of  a campus-based cybersecurity degree is that you are able to cultivate in-person relationships with peers and professionals. These relationships are valuable for building a career after graduation.

The list of top universities offering cyber security degrees includes but is not limited to the following: Kennesaw State University, Champlain College, Dakota State University, American Public University System, Norwich University, Saint Leo University, and Liberty University, among others.

Online Cyber Security Degree Universities

Online universities provide the most flexible conditions to help students get a online cyber security degree worldwide. These universities provide a much-needed balance between your responsibilities and reaching for your goals.

Courses Required To Get a Cyber Security Degree

The requirements for online cyber security degree programs mimic their campus-based degree counterparts.

A total of 120 credit hours are required for students willing to pursue this degree. These hours are further broken down into electives, general education requirements, and cyber security degree-specific courses.

The following high-level courses are popularly referred to as part of the cyber security degree curriculum. They include:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Network security
  • Forensics
  • Security breach detection and response
  • Cyber attacks and defense
  • Computer security laws and ethics

Students also have to take other courses when studying for this degree depending on their focus and objectives.

Why Is a Cyber Security Degree Worth It?

Here are the reasons to help students decide why a degree in cyber security is worth it:

1.   Increased User Security

Cyber threats and attacks are increasing in frequency and specifications with the different applications and software updates provided. To continuously offer an optimized service where users’ information is secure, cyber security experts and professionals will always be needed.

2.   Higher Salaries

To help students make better future decisions, a cyber security degree paves the way for a high-paying job that provides better salaries due to a shortage of cyber security experts in the workforce.

3.   It Pays For Itself

An investment in a cyber security degree runs from $20,000 to $70,000. Yet, this investment in acquiring such a lucrative skill ends up paying for itself due to the high demand for skilled professionals and shortage of eligible candidates.

4.   Flexible Program Choices

As a student who wants a cyber security degree, there is much flexibility provided in acquiring it. With the availability of part-time sessions and online classes, you can balance your family, job, and other responsibilities when working towards this degree.

5.   Networking Opportunities In Graduate Programs

Graduate schools provide excellent networking opportunities for cyber security students with other alumni, peers, professors, and faculty. The connections you’ll make extend beyond your graduate program this way.

The cybersecurity industry grows as quickly as the tech industry, and bagging a cybersecurity degree online creates a much-needed solution to fill the growing need for cybersecurity specialists. Now, it’s time to choose from the list of universities provided above and have your career started at the drop of a hat. Good luck!


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