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Download Kali Linux APK for Android – Kali Linux Android

Kali Linux Android in introduced to take the penetration testing on the go with your smartphone. Download Kali Linux APK and start penetrating on your mobile device. 

Kali Linux OS is one of the most powerful Linux based operating system and becomes the of the most advanced and powerful OS for the penetration testing, bug bounty hunting and hacking among the security researchers and hackers. Kali Linux is packed with all the most advanced penetration testing tools one can have. Kali Linux comes with a GUI interface as well a command terminal to perform the operations. This OS was only available for PC initially but now finally it has been introduced for the Android powered mobile devices. Kali Linux Android lets you do the penetration testing and security research on the move with it’s android version.

Kali Linux Android

Kali Linux for Android gives all the Linux powers on your smartphone so you won’t feel need to stuck with your PC. It’s creating the new possibilities for the security researchers and hackers. With Kali Linux APK, you just turn your mobile to Apache, MySQL and PHP server for all the web based apps. To install the Kali Linux Android is very simple. You just need to download the setup from the mentioned link below in the download section. Download and install to take your smartphone to the next level of pen testing.

Requirements for Kali Linux Android Version

  • Android version 2.0+ at least and for the optimum performance above 4.0 android versions.
  • Rooted device (Your smartphone should be rooted to perform the installation and other root operations).
  • 5 GB of free internal and external storage space.
  • Stable and fast internet connection.

Kali Linux Deploy and Installation Guide

In order to deploy the Kali Linux, download Linux deploy app from the Google PlayStore and once installed, go to distributions tab and choose the Kali distributions. You don’t need to change any of these default settings. If you want to change the installation directory, you can do it.

You can easily create Kali Linux image by tapping on the install button. This will take few minutes to complete depending on your network speed. It will start Kali Linux installation from the Kali repository directly.

Note: Make sure your smartphone is rooted before starting Kali Linux Installation. 


Linux linux mount and load Kali Linux chroot image automatically once it’s installed and deployed. This step will also entail start-up of VNC and SSH servers that will improve easier remote access. Just tap the START button and this process will begin.

Note down the IP assigned to your smartphone which you can use to login to Kali linux session later. Login to chroot mode.

​​Use either VNC or SSH client to get into your kali instance. The VNC defaults are as follows.

username: android
Password/key: change

Download Kali Linux APK 

Click here to download Kali Linux Android on your smartphone and start your penetration testing and bug bounty journey on the go.


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