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Call Of The Wild Hacks Every Player Should Know

If you are a video game fanatic, you must be familiar with the popular game, “The Hunter: Call of the Wild”. Released in 2017, this open-world simulation video game is based on the concept of hunting animals in the wild and gathering points for each shot. The main characters are hunters who need to hide and hunt animals in the wild. The player who manages to gather the highest points and fastest experience is deemed the best hunter among the lot. Due to its rising popularity and competitiveness, winning this game can be a little difficult. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of xbox hacks and cheats available and for your PC for you to discover and use, some of which are provided in this guide.

1. Teleport

Certain areas in this game are difficult to comprehend, which can make moving around and going ahead quite challenging. To save time, you can teleport from one location to another without wasting time. Locations like Lodges, Outposts, Campsites and Happy Camper Tents are complicated and new players often get stuck at these points. Luckily, you can increase your speed using a feature, “Fast Travel” that enables you to teleport between these spots. To make it easier, go through the map and mark all the outposts to unlock them. This will also keep you updated and aware of the route, which can instantly increase your speed as well.

Every outpost is equipped with a flagpole that enables you to teleport from one point to another. As soon as you reach an outpost, mark the flagpole after interacting with it. Once the outposts are unlocked, look through the map again and select the outpost location on it to access a drop-down menu. Select “Fast Travel” on the list and enjoy the teleport feature.

2. Get the Diamond Medal

This game is all about trophies and rewards. One such coveted trophy that all players seek is the “Diamond Medal”. Initially, not everyone is aware of this medal but you will eventually get more information as you keep playing ahead. Since this feature can be quite difficult to unlock and access, The Hunter COTW cheats can help you move ahead and attract better rewards. Diamond medals can be extracted from harvests and won after shooting a Diamond-tiered animal. Whether you are a new player or a professional, achieving a Diamond trophy is not an easy feat. However, you just need to keep three things in mind when looking for this reward, which are: meeting the Trophy Rating requirements, completing the Harvest Checks, and maintaining the animal level as maximum.

3. Add Extra Money

Players need extra money to buy ammo and keep their level high. However, it is not easy. Certain tips can help you level up as well as earn extra money. Start by harvesting as many animals as you can. While this is a known fact among all players, not everyone takes it seriously. The faster you harvest animals, the more money you can earn. At this point, consistency is key. Next, pay attention to your main and side quests as they can steadily increase the amount of money you earn. For instance, a side quest as simple as “spot an animal in this region” can rack up your wallet.

Furthermore, the amount of money you earn also depends on the type and number of animals you shoot. As you keep on adding money to your wallet, you will automatically gain higher levels and positions. The best part about this game is, you only need money to buy ammo and the rest can be saved to fulfill other functions.

4. Easy Sighting

While making money from harvesting and shooting animals can help you level up and earn more money, the real challenge lies in sighting the animals in the first place. For this, you can try a few hacks too. Instead of running around and spooking the animals, walk slyly, especially when you are walking on vegetation or grass. To avoid making any noise, walk on the road instead. Your backpack can also enhance your visibility and scare the animals away. Moreover, backpacks can make a lot of noise. Needless to say, your rifle should be loaded at all times to avoid missing out on shooting an animal upon sighting one.

When using the hacks and cheat patches, make sure that they are legal as they can affect your gaming experience. More importantly, illegal game codes and patches can get you terminated or banned, which is why you must be extra careful. While winning without using any hacks or cheats is a wholesome experience, the cheats mentioned in this guide will help elevate your gaming skills and make you more proficient.


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