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Best Ways to Keep Your Smart TV Protected from Hacking

We live in a technological Utopia where you can access anything from anywhere using your devices. But this accessibility goes the other way as well, where someone else can get access to your personal information as well.  

Smart TV is one of the most common and easiest targets among hackers, and that is why it is essential to ensure its protection from any outside attacks. Here we have summed up some of the best and simplest ways you can do that. 

Secure the WIFI 

When you buy and set up a new WIFI line, it is usually not secured enough or has an extremely weak password, which gives the hackers the upper hand over that connection. As a result, all the devices that are connected to the router become prone to hacking. 

So, to make sure that your Smart TV isn’t hacked through, the first thing you need to do is create a solid and secure password. The procedure to do that varies based on the device you will be using. You should also remember that most routers have a model-specific name that leads the hackers directly in it. So, it is also essential to change your SSID (Service Set Identifier) to protect your Smart TV. 

Managing Account Password 

After securing the router, you need to look at each device’s individual services and protect them. The smart devices you use, including your Smart TV, will often be connected through mobile apps, and it is imperative to set an account for each one of them. A lot of us often use the same password for everything to make things easier. It may seem easier at first, but it is an extreme security hazard. Because if some hacker can get through one of your passwords, they will get access to all of your private accounts. The best option is to use a random password generator. That way, each of your passwords will be strong, and you can access them from one place as well. 

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Use Modern Routers 

It is very common for us to update our phones or laptops by buying new ones. But it isn’t the same case when it comes to updating our routers. The reason behind it is that the routers often provide the highest quality internet service for years and decades without taking any damage. However, one aspect of the router that does become outdated is its security system. An old router points to the fact that its protocols are outdated as well. 

In the current market, WIFI 6 is considered the best router among all of them. It is better to upgrade your router model as it is directly connected to your Smart TV. The security system of the router will automatically upgrade your existing protection. However, it is wise to check if your device is updated enough to connect with the router. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Strong passwords are a mandatory aspect of setting up any account connected to internet services. But you can further make that stronger by applying a two-factor authentication on the services that support it. That way, the accounts you will use in your Smart TV will need a second set of authentication after implementing your first set of passwords. You can regulate this security system by using Google Authenticator or Authy. This way, even if anyone manages to get access to any of your accounts, they won’t be able to log in without the six-digit code.

Splitting Up Network 

In today’s world, a smart TV or refrigerator can get hackers to access the wireless network you are using. That is why you will often see warnings about not keeping your laptop and fridge connected to the same network. So in this part, you will need to implement spitting up the devices that run under your network. That way, even if your devices get hacked, it won’t affect your other devices. 

One way of doing so is using an external device with your TV which has extra protection, and which will make using a different network on your smart TV easier. Nowadays, you can even watch pay per view events at an individual level on your TV using external devices like Chromecast and Fire Stick, etc. These pay per view events too make it hard for hackers to track your smart TV. So, whether you want to learn about how to watch pay per view on Amazon FireStick or learn about conquering the world, your searches will remain secret from hackers if you use separate networks on different devices. 

The idea behind this solution is to prevent Malware from spreading to multiple devices. This solution, along with the other ones, can save you a lot of time and energy. So, implement these and live a tension-free smart TV experience.


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