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Advanced Skype Resolver – Skype Email & IP Resolver

Resolvers are the tools that get specific information based on their email, username and IP addresses as well. There’s different type of resolvers which perform various specific operations like resolving skype username to IP, email to IP, xbox resolver, playstation or psn resolver that resolve the gamertag of players and many others. In the same way, skype resolver do the same and finds the skype uersname’s realtime IP address from all the stored results in the database. This resolving technique is also known as IP grabber. As I mentioned before, it doesn’t only work with skype while there’s many other different platforms like gaming.

Skype resolver working is really simple that every non-tech user can easily use it. This tools isn’t an official skype distribution. It’s an external skype resolver that is used to find the IP of anyone’s skype email or usernames and vise versa.

Skype Resolver Features

It’s very easy to know the IP address of someone over the internet. As Skype is a Peer to Peer program also known as P2P, so every Skype user contacts through user’s IP address; making it really easy for someone to retrieve it.

Skype to IP

It resolves the Skype username to find it’s relevant IP address from where this use is connected from. It doesn’t just show you the IP address of the while give all the detailed information including the ISP or Internet Service Provider information, Geo Location of the user (City, Area, Country and even the exact Latitude and Longitude.

Vise versa, if you know the IP address of the skype user instead of their username, you can resolve IP address to find the username as well.

Email to Skype

If you don’t know the skype username of the person. If you an email of the user and he/she isn’t responding to the conversation then you can easily get their skype username with the help of this tool. Even if you don’t know the email and have the username of the person, you can resolve username to find the email address of that specific user.

Download Skype Resolver

Click here to download. If it prompts for the password, use H4H.


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