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8 Trends in Android Development

About two billion devices are running on Android today — from smartphones and tablets to smart refrigerators and household robots. It controls 73% of smartphones in the world — this is more than all other operating systems combined. According to approximate estimates, the number of applications in Google Play has already exceeded three million.

But this is not enough. People need new messengers, services for ordering food and taxis, banking programs, applications in the beauty sphere like manicure or massage, and, of course, games. Life has become more simple now when you can order dinner with one click or book a relaxing massage in Abu Dhabi after a hard working day. Several seconds and a massage session will await you in the aroma massage center.

However, today the article will talk about trends in the development of mobile applications and their use. Let’s list the most interesting things in our material.

The fifth generation of mobile communications, of course, applies both to mobile marketing and directly to applications. The more devices that use 5G around the world, the better the user experience with apps will be.

Here are just a few advantages that open up a fast internet for applications:

●     New AR and VR features that will be easier to integrate into the app.

●     Easy and fast data transfer between smartphones and other devices.

●     Faster, more secure mobile payments.


Progressive Web Applications is a mix of websites and native applications. They can be saved on the desktop of a smartphone without going through the installation process. And one of the main benefits is simpler development.

It is considered to be a trend in the sphere, as they are flexible and available and some large companies have already announced growth in user engagement with their help.

Wearable gadgets are becoming increasingly popular and have become one of the most desirable gifts. Firstly, they assist in analyzing the state of human health. In addition, smartwatches and other gadgets are firmly in everyday use, so applications should work not only on desktops or smartphones but also on wearable devices.

It appeared in 2013 and has since spread significantly. The essence is to communicate with the user’s device via Bluetooth — using beacons placed nearby. This technique lets you offer a user-friendly experience, for example, to build interactive maps and routes, to demonstrate advertising. Beacons are also used for AR and mobile transactions. All of this implies that innovation will keep developing and be applied widely.

And although gadgets with flexible screens do not occupy a leading position in the market, the situation may change soon. Therefore, in developing a strategy for the creation of a mobile app, they should not be forgotten.

P2P stands for peer-to-peer transactions between two persons. The volume of mobile transactions is expected to reach $612.23 billion by 2023. And this implies that the P2P app market has a great future.

Mobile gadgets are convenient to use for quick learning, as they are always at hand to spend your free time taking another lesson on the course or listening to a new lecture. It is believed that apps in this category will be more and more popular in the future. The mobile learning market is also expected to reach $58.5 billion by 2025.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just an incomprehensible trend from the future, but already our reality. Smartphones, laptops, wearable devices, smart appliances, gadgets within the framework of a smart home — all these make the Internet of Things close and familiar to everyone. Leading companies are developing new devices for implementation in everyday life, therefore, mobile applications that will help to keep in touch with these things will become very popular.

The trends can be listed further. The list includes AR and VR, entertainment apps and games, as well as artificial intelligence technologies. One thing is clear — mobile apps are developing and will do so in the future, they attract the attention of users, and this implies that they can offer to advertise to users.


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