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5 Best Laptop Security Softwares for the Maximum Protection

Those of you who have a Windows laptop might already know that all laptops are susceptible to all kinds of cyber attacks. This can include threats like viruses, malware, phishing scams, payment frauds, ransomware, adware, and much more. And since everyone is on the internet these days, the chances of your laptop getting affected by such security threats is quite high. Thankfully, you can easily protect your laptop from all such threats quite easily by using security software. Since everyone wants to protect their laptops, you can find a lot of options out there including the 5 best laptop security software for the best protection given in this guide. To help you pick the right one, all of them also have their important features and options properly explained. In other words, you can go through this guide until the end to pick the best laptop security software for your needs.

Here are the Laptop Security Softwares for the Maximum Protection

Even though all Windows laptops have Windows Defender installed in them out of the box, it is not going to be enough against powerful cyber attacks. This is due to the reason that Windows’ Windows Defender is only there to prevent simpler attacks and detect basic viruses in your computer. But if you want something much more robust and feature rich, then you find a wide range of laptop security software out there which includes both free as well as paid options. And you can easily pick the right one by going through these 5 best laptop security software for the best protection one by one:

1. Kaspersky Antivirus

Out of all the various laptop security software options out there, Kaspersky Antivirus is considered as one of the best performers for both desktops as well as laptops, as stated by Unslider. In fact, Kaspersky Antivirus also supports mobile devices making it the perfect option for all your devices. One of the best things about Kaspersky is that it offers quite fast real time scanning. Even if you are scanning manually, it finds and shows all possible cyber threats right away. The antivirus engine used by this laptop security software is quite strong with a large database allowing it to offer proper protection against all kinds of cyber attacks. With a single license of the Kaspersky Antivirus, you can use it on a total of 10 devices at once which is quite good.

2. Norton Antivirus

The chances are that you have already heard about the Norton Antivirus in the past since it comes installed on a large number of laptops out of the box. But even then, Norton can be a great pick for many thanks to the wide range of security features offered by it. Not only do you get proper security, but Norton even includes a backup tool with this security software which can be used on both computers and mobile devices. While it only offers support for 5 devices at once, it does offer great protection for all of them. Other than data and media files, Norton Antivirus also offers protection while browsing the internet. When combined with its inbuilt firewall function, you can expect it to be one of the best options for browsing the internet. Apart from online functions, you also get an offline file scan schedule option in this tool which is always handy to have.

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3. Bitdefender Antivirus

You can also consider the Bitdefender Antivirus if you want potentially the best security for your laptop with the help of a wide range of security and protection features offered by it. Similar to most other paid options, Bitdefender also works on all types of devices where you can use a total of 10 devices without any issues. Once installed, Bitdefender offers both offline and online protection to your devices. Starting with offline protection, it has quite a large database for viruses and threats. You also get pretty fast scan results while using Bitdefender which can save a lot of time. Coming to its online features, you will be glad to find things like online banking protection, inbuilt VPN, ransomware protection, and much more while using Bitdefender Antivirus on your laptop.

4. Avira Antivirus

When compared with other laptop security software, the Avira Antivirus can be a great pick for those who are looking for free to use options while still having decent protection for their laptops against various types of cyber attack issues. Since this is a free to use laptop security software, you can install it on any device of your choice as you like. After installing Avira Antivirus, you can expect great protection especially if you are browning the internet. This is due to the reason that you get features like anti phishing tools and real time web protection with Avira Antivirus. You also get a pretty great real time scanner for offline files and programs installed on your laptop. Other than scanning programs installed on your laptop, it can even update them to the latest version which can always be a great bonus. Although being a free antivirus, its scanning speeds are a bit lower than other premium options.

5. McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus is another laptop security software that you can find installed in various laptops out of the box. Despite that, it is considered as a great option to properly protect your laptop from all kinds of cyber attacks and potential security threats. While it might not be the cheapest option, you do get the support for a total of 10 devices at once which includes both computers and mobile devices. Talking about its features, you can find most of the common features like web protection, real time protection, file scanning, and more. As for its unique features, you can find things like an inbuilt VPN without any limits, spam filter for emails, a large database for cyber threats, and others that can ensure protection for your laptop at all times.


Whether you are downloading files from the internet, installing a new program, checking your email, or making an online payment, you would want to be fully safe and secure while using your laptop. This is due to the reason that a number of possible security threats and issues may attack your laptop via the internet. To help you protect your laptop from such cyber attacks, we have already discussed the 5 best laptop security software for the best protection up above. And to help you pick the right one, we have also given all their details and features. If you have already chosen one, let us know your favorite laptop security software down in the comments section.


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